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Marianne Rohlen

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I never had any problems with my heart ever I was well

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I had strange symptoms after my first jab in January 2021. My feet were burning at night and I had a strange fall after a weeks. I fell flat on my face on an even floor and chipped a tooth. I must have fainted. Got up didn't link it with the vaccine.

A week after my second jab in April I started hearing and sensing my heart beats around my body and to. this day I still do. It vibrates reverberates around my body. Even when my pulse is low. It feels like a tractor or a furnice inside. My body especially my diaphragm is moving all the time. At first these symptoms were intermittent but by June they were constant. I also had palpitations and irregular heart beats they feel like pistol shots in my chest. At night I wake up by my heart racing. My body is literally moving. I also started to find it difficult to sit or stand as my blood pressure fell and my heart rate went up by 20 to 30 beats a minute when standing. It felt like all blood was pooling from my head. I had a holter two echo cardiograms and an MRI of my head all fine. Although I had a mild dysfunction of my aortic and mitral valves 3 cardiologists said it should not cause any of my symptoms as it was very mild. In July I saw a heart specialist who also knows about autonomic dysfunction. He diagnosed me with orthoststatic intolerance and prescribed Midodrine and extra salt and water and pressure tights. Nothing helped and by December he gave up and said he didn't know but advices me not to have the third vaccination as he thought my dysautonomia was triggered by it. . I did unfortunately. The last one was Moderna.

I went on to a further autonomic expert and have been seen by the autonomic unit at UCL. They were unsure about my condition. Waiting for possible tests.

Have had another holter and blood pressure monitor. Waiting for results but I don't expect it to show much as my blood pressure is very irratic but usually very low especially as I'm standing.

Meanwhileb I have seen an immunologist not a medical doctor though. She took extensive blood tests which were taken abroad for analysis. Apparantly it showed extensive viral infections and reactivated infections and she thought I possibly had myocarditis. My heart feels very laboured and this could account for the fact that it's trying very hard to pump the blood around to my cells. I've lost a lot of hair and she said it could be for lack of oxygenated blood and nourishment reaching my hair follicles. I also have shortness of breath. I still cannot stand or sit upright as I feel so bad. My abdo men and diaphragm tightens so much it hurts and it feels like my body will explode. Also my head feels tight and my ears feel blocked. Hence I'm reclining on the sofa all the time. I try and walk for 10 minutes every day with all the above symptoms. Also when walking my body feels like lead and it feels I could easily topple over but no dizziness. When reclining I can still hear and sense my body vibrating with my heart beats. The immunologist has prescribed micro immune tablets which are meant to strengthen my immune system so that it can deal with possible inflammation. So far nothing has helped but early days for these pills.

I'm heart broken as I've been sitting like thus for a year and nothing shifts. I've heard other people with similar symptoms and something usually gets better.

I also have other symptoms supposedly in line with dysautonomia like loss of bladder control and uncontrolled body heat.

I would lije to hear fro others with similar symptoms and possible solutions.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

So far nothing had helped

Which solutions were not helpful?

They were neutral nothing happens so far

What would you like others to know?

To see if their symptoms are like mine
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