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Michael Piet

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?


Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Friday, 9/3/21

Received J&J vaccine injection along w/ wife Debbie Kucharzyk-Piet @ Xpress Pharmacy in Oak Lawn, IL.

Same vaccine vial was used for both of us. I received my vaccine in RIGHT arm, Debbie in her LEFT arm.

Saturday, 9/4/21

Wife Debbie & I experienced “Flu” like symptoms from vaccine. Tired, we took nap Saturday afternoon which we never do. Debbie stated she felt terrible all weekend which meant it carried over to Sunday, 9/5 as well.

At some point in the following week, I experienced a “burning” feeling in my forearms if I put arms in certain positions. It was as if someone was passing an open flame over the top of my forearms.

Saturday, 9/11/21

I begin to experience severe lower back pain in late afternoon as we prepared for grocery shopping, going out to dinner that evening. Tailbone, lower back into top of hip area was the discomfort, pain.

As we finished dinner @ outdoor patio restaurant I had to stand since I thought plastic patio chair, I was in was making my pain, discomfort worse.

We went to Oak Lawn’s Fall on the Green. Debbie seemed irritable at this time. She then told me that her back was bothering as well. We left early.

Sunday, 9/12/21

That night I did not sleep, paced the house since I could not find a comfort zone to sleep laying down or even in sitting position. I have a Ring video of me pacing on our deck at approximately 8AM.

Monday, 9/13/21, Tuesday 9/14/21

Pain subsided as we both went to our respective jobs, regular schedule of activities. I did cancel a 9-hole round of golf for afternoon Tuesday, 9/14.

Tuesday, 9/14/21

I did not sleep, did not go to work on Wednesday, 9/15

Wednesday, 9/15/21

Same sleepless night, no work on Thursday, 9/16

Thursday, 9/16/21

My wife Debbie took the day off from school to take me to Loyola Immediate Care in Burr Ridge to see if I could receive meds to relieve back pain.

Loyola Dr. Dennis Nwachukwu saw me. I mentioned Guillain-Barré syndrome to the doctor.

He dismissed as possible cause of severe back pain. Thrombosis was mentioned as possible cause.

Dr. Nwachukwu prescribed injections of Benadryl, Toradol so I may sleep, pain reliever. I received 30-45 minutes of relief at home, I let Debbie know that no major relief at home. She called Loyola PC and they instructed her to take me to ER. Debbie drove me to Palos Health ER that afternoon.

Dr. Catherine M. Baxtrom saw me in triage @ Palos Health ER. Prescribed Flexeril, Decadron, Lidoderm patch, and finally Morphine injection as previous meds did not give relief to back pain.

Dr. Baxtrom was dismissive, stated a few times that I should have contacted my PC and/or Dr. Charnogursky Endocrinologist for health care, medications to treat lower back pain, sleeplessness.

Discharged. As we went to get dinner I dozed in car from medications. At some point, I experienced droopy RIGHT side of mouth drinking water, soda. My initial reaction was it might be a side effect of Morphine, Flexeril, Decadron meds.

Slept somewhat better the night of Thursday, 9/16.

Friday, 9/17/21

That AM I still was experiencing RIGHT side droopy mouth, eyelid. My wife Debbie stayed home w/ me and she noticed my speech was slurred, eye, eyelid was affected.

We went back to Palos Health ER. Dr. Brian P. Crowley saw me. Initially thought I may have suffered stroke. Checked blood sugar which was 126. After CT scan of brain stroke was dismissed, Bell’s Palsy was diagnosed. Dr. Crowley prescribed Omnipause, Prednisone, Valtrex to help w/ palsy, neuropathy, pins & needles pain in fingers, toes, RIGHT side weakness.

I believe Guillain-Barré syndrome was discussed. AGAIN, it was dismissed.

Saturday, Sunday, 9/18/21, 9/19/21

No major relief to back pain, lack of sleep, rest.

My wife Debbie reached out to Dr. Charnogursky for any assistance to help w/ back pain, sleeplessness.

Monday, 9/20/21

Dr. Charnogursky was nice enough to fit me in late on Monday, 9/20/21 at approximately 5:45PM

He wrote prescription for Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 7.5 mg for back pain.

Thursday, 9/23/21, Friday, 9/24/21

At this point some relief, sleep thru the week. RIGHT side weakness got progressively worse. Could not raise RIGHT arm above elbow, shoulder height. Gate, walk was unsteady, weak coordination was suffering.

Sunday, 9/26/21

We went back to Palos Health ER. Dr. Ghandi saw me. She consulted with Neurologist Dr. Curtin, Dr. Joseph Cadayona.

I was admitted into Palos Health Hospital. Multiple MRI’s of cervical spine, lower spine. Brain w/ concern of pituitary gland since I have a history w/ medical benign cyst for decades.

Spinal tap Lumbar puncture 9/28/21 was performed to check spinal fluid, elevated white blood cell count noted. Infection also noted.

See medical records under sperate cover.

I was seen by Dr. James Trenhaile, Dr. Sean Forte as floor doctors all hospital admitted days. Also seen every day by Dr. Joe Cadayona, who reported to Dr. Curtin, Neurologist.

Consultation was done w/ Infectious disease Dr. Beezhold. Dr. Beezhold stated to me that Guillain-Barré syndrome all indicators that it came from 9/3/21 J&J Corona vaccine.

Saturday, 10/2/21

EMG w/NCS of all 4 extremities by Jess Tech, Dr. J. Curtin.

Monday, 10/4/21

Last of 5-day treatment of IV Immunoglobulin therapy.

Discharged from Palos Health Hospital.

Prescribed by Dr. Forte

Losartan 100mg

methylprednisolone 4mg tablet Medrol (Pak) stopped on10/8/21 per Dr. Curtin.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Gabapentin some relief.
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