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Michele Hellstern

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was very active, an RN, and a house supervisor (nursing administration) in a teaching hospital. I'm a prior Army nurse and paramedic. I'm happily married and we have 8 kids, 6 grandkids. I'm also a musician, which always gave me so much joy. Life was always busy, but fun and every day was an adventure.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I instantly had a significant electric burning pain through my AC joint, dizziness began within 2 hours of receiving the booster. I have a history of silent migraines and thought I was having a significant episode. What I thought was a migraine still hasn't left since the night of the booster.

2 weeks out, my blood pressure became dangerously high, I was sent home from work (we had just moved, to a new state I was on orientation), dizziness became severe, and my blood pressure would swing from high to low. This lasted for a month. I've lost track of the timeline after this time, so am listing what I can remember:

Significant tremors, I can't feed myself unless I take propranolol daily.

Extreme heart rate variances - wake up with heart rate around 120, it falls to 50 in less than 60 seconds. The last 2 EKGs initially had left atrial enlargement, no leads were touched before the repeat - and the second was normal. Same thing repeated a few weeks later. Chest tightness is a daily thing for me - no shortness of breath.

Confusion is a huge issue, word salad, can't find what I'm trying to say - it feels like my thoughts just shatter, this is every day. I'm also hallucinating - I do recognize that it's happening, but it's scary none-the-less.

Neuropathy started in December 2022, tops of my feet and heels. The tops of my feet feel like the skin is on fire, I can't stand anything touching them. My heels feel like pins are being stuck in them nearly every day.

Dizziness, falling, insomnia, intrusive dreams, swelling of my hands, joint pain, light sensitivity, noise sensitivity, visual disturbances (blurry and/or glittery appearance all the time).

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Propranolol helped make the tremors manageable. CBD oil helps with inflammatory symptoms. Ritalin has helped with the brain shattering feeling some, the vitamins I take (D, magnesium, folate, B12, ginseng, gingko biloba , CoQ10) I feel like these have helped overall, but can't swear to it.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Physical therapy - I became physically ill (nauseated) every visit after starting. I would remain flared up for approximately 2 days after.
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