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Michelle Utter

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was healthy worked out, went for morning runs did CrossFit, ran spartan races at times, he even did martial arts. I’m an active person and I like to stay busy. Working out and running with my life. I’m in healthcare so I stayed fit to get through my 12 hour shifts and just feel good about myself inside and out. I have three boys in the military so we used to love to run and work out together. This is a big part of our lives and it’s changed it

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

45 minutes after the vaccine I ran fever, cold, chills, flu like symptoms came home. Bundled up fever was getting higher. The next morning and inflammation. It hurts so bad I could barely walk.. felt like pins and needles in my legs for the first time I felt restless leg syndrome. I found myself pulling myself up on furniture and counters. Just walk by the third week waist down. I couldn’t walk because it felt like my legs were 100 pounds apiece my legs were moving uncontrollably inside and it felt like pins and needles trying to poke out of my skin. When I finally got into the doctor, my four weeks blood test were off we ran them every two weeks. My prayer Mary sent me to a neurologist where I had the first MRI and Nuro conduction test. after seeing him for a month the last appointment I went to in March. I couldn’t get out of my car to walk into the office by this time it took 30 minutes to 40 minutes to get out of my car just a walk I was held back in my car after my appointment , as I was driving down the road I got a phone call to go to the emergency room. I waited for the doctor to get there. In the meantime, the local hospital in which I work did blood tests and told me that there was nothing wrong with me and try to discharge me before my doctor got there . I couldn’t understand why they wanted to discharge me when I couldn’t walk a healthy person and I just out of the blue can’t walk? my doctor finally came in set me up for a lumbar puncture and I was in there for five days with IV. I G infusions for those days. After my discharge and follow up to the doctors appointment at two weeks, the sensation from my legs had already moved up to my arms by February, but while I was in the hospital, all the sensation in my arms have gone down. Two weeks after being discharged from the hospital, the feelings were back again, and my neurologist told me to see a specialist at a university two hours away. I have been going to infusion centers for 15 months for IV. I G infusions for 10 hours. Now I see his partner along with my neurologist I see an immune knowledges where I just recently had a nerve biopsy and another nerve conduction test, which makes my third one. although I’m able to do my walking while I’m on the infusions do usually only last about three weeks sometimes a little more, I still have the pain usually between 7 to 10 daily and I meditate a lot. They put me on Cymbalta but it upsets my stomach and I still feel the pain . I’m waiting on the results of the biopsy. I had two weeks ago to find out what my plan of care is. See if there’s medication changes or what. I’m trying to get a infusion pump sent to my house so I don’t have to sit so long at the infusion center anymore , but the diagnosis of the small nerve biopsy has on hold at this time I have three sons in the military and they sent one of my boys home to help take care of me to take me to the doctors appointments take it up the stairs to do my grocery shopping because it was painful to walk through the whole store I’m able to do so now by the time I leave I’m in so much pain. I have fatigue and weakness all the time it’s like Groundhog Day it’s like replaying the day over and over again I just want my life back my active busy life without all this pain , I never imagined one vaccine can change my life so much

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I VIG infusions have been helping me with my every day living without them I cannot function. They put me on Cymbalta. It upsets my stomach, so I’m not regular on it and it doesn’t do much for me. I never took medicine before this vaccine injury so I don’t like the way I feel when I’m on it. After my small nerve biopsy, we shall see what treatment will be in store for me in the

Which solutions were not helpful?

As of now, the IV I G infusions, but I can’t stay on them forever they’ll damage your kidneys, and I have to worry about blood clots or getting meningitis from

What would you like others to know?

These vaccines are not safe nor effective I work in healthcare, and I see more behind the scenes. Working in healthcare I’m ignored discriminated against because they don’t want to admit that anyone gets hurt by these vaccines. I wouldn’t recommend getting this vaccine at all and to trust your own immunity, we were fooled by the government. We were lied to my our government and institutions do not get the vaccine.
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