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Michelle Van Tets

Tagged with: Head Pain, Fatigue,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was very acctive, although i had been suffering from long covid from march 2020 untill about early 2021. Spring 2021 I was almost back to normal, only still bit more tired then pre covid, but basicly recovered about 80 % from long covid. Before i would work 6 days a week, cycle and walk a lot every day, mountainbike trips for about 100 km were normal to me and would also go out at night to enjoy city life and would go travelling and exploring whenever i could. Did have still some neck/back problems and musle pains spreading to arms and legs because of old snowboard accident from about 22 years ago, but all was under control and had a real acctive life again.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

After 15 minutes got very dizzy, weak, warm, headache and bad eyesight.

After couple of hours light pressure on chest. Days after very tired, and no improvement other then slightly less dizzy. When resting not dizzy anymore, when walking dizzyness came back.

5 days after shot: short of breath, more pressure on chest. After an hour bike ride first time i had heart palpitations, high heart rate, very dizxy, felt weak as if about to faint.

Also trembling in mussles became more severe and legs felt really weak.

Up untill today i am still really tired, only work half days, rest for half days and only do dhort walks to try and stay active.In the evening and weekends no energy so i sleep al lot.I dont go out woth friends anymore, it s just to much. Am so tired. No mountainbiking anymore, it triggers chest pain, shortness of breath , heart palpitations and trembling in my body. Also headache remains and concentration problems. My life is turned up side down and it feels like no impoval at all since the first couple of months. And no one seems to understand any of it.

Also noticed that of i have covid again (had it twice this year) condition worsens, especially chest pain, heart palpitations, headache, dizzyness and shortness of breath

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Went to several doctors, 2 cardiologists. Although EKG showed normal(but was only first done 2 weeks after heart problems started) was diagnosed with (suggested) pericarditus. Paracetamol is the only thing which helps reduce the pressure on my chest and makes the shortness of breath less severe. And had aspirines for 1,5 month to calm.down pericarditus, since my body did not tolerate other drugs. Rest helps calm.down the system.

Which solutions were not helpful?

There were no solutions offered to me other then painkillers and some other medicine and rest. Was not allowed to exercise

What would you like others to know?

Do not exercise when you have a vaccine adverse effect. First seek medical advise and see if it gets better. Excersing in an eaarly stage of vaccine injury only makes things worse. I am in the Netherlands and here there is no real support for vaccine injured people. There is C support, an organisation for long covid and also now for vaccine injured, but they dont seem to know a lot yet about the latter. Thats why I am glad to see that react 19 started in the states to stand up for all those vaccine injured people and try to research it and bring awareness to the woukd. Thank you all for that react 19 team! I would like to start hyperbarric
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