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Mike Disimoni

Tagged with: Fatigue, GI Issues,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was EXTREMELY physically capable. i work security at a hospital (20-30,000 steps per day) i grew up playing soccer and running long distance. Ive always had REALLY good cardio, even after i foolishly started smoking cigarettes, i was STILL top of the groups when it came to physical ability. I even have an abnormally high lung capacity. I worked out, i always felt like i had endless amounts of energy.. I was also very skilled at using my hands... typing 90+ words per minute 100% accuracy, i played video games semi professionally for a little while, to the point that i was ranked very high in more than one game... I was also known for my super human ability to consume large amounts of food and never seemed to gain weight. i LOVED food before all of this. I was a healthy, happy person before i got my first shot of novavax.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

1 minute after my first shot of novavax (walking into the 'wait' area) i experienced a very hot firey tingle up the left side of my neck, and my face cramped and twitched for a few seconds as though i took a big bite out of a lemon.

I immediately felt dizzy, extremely warm, started sweating profusely (especially the palms of my hands) i felt shakey, i felt like my heart was racing, my vision felt weird/blurry... the nurses said i probably didnt eat enough

that was the last day i felt normal.

i felt pretty awful for a week, no appetite, still super warm as if i had a fever, sweating constantly as though i was in a hard workout even though id just be sitting there. I noticed my breathing got worse and worse and by the end of a week i was getting chest pains. i feel shakey all over. i went to the hospital and got very little help.

i started looking at what could be going on, thought maybe an allergic reaction because many of the symptoms seemed to match. i took reactin and felt some mild relief and also tried benadryl which did not help at all.

i tried going back to work and noticed right away that something was wrong, i also tried exercising and could tell instantly that i wasnt the same as before.

its been months and im still dealing with all of these crazy symptoms :(

i notice i have a MAJOR problem with just about everything i eat.

my body feels like im 80 years old all of a sudden.

there has been more than a few nights where i go to bed with chest pain and difficulty breathing and just accept that i may not wake up in the morning

I work at a hospital and routinely have nurse friends say to me "you dont look good"... they do my vitals and just walking around my heart rate is like double where it used to be normal, and sitting and resting DOES NOT seem to actually change my heart rate.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

reactin - mild relief... two baby asparin - helped with my heart racing and chest pain a bit CBD oil - helped calm alot of the body pain and shakey feeling in my arms and legs (still shake but less) advil helped slightly as well.

Which solutions were not helpful?

benadryl didnt help at all

What would you like others to know?

I never wanted to get vaccinated and i regret caving to save my job (which i am now wondering if im even able to continue doing)
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