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N Whitwell

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Fit and healthy. Running regularly. Generally pain free. No underlying conditions. Low blood pressure.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Initial reaction to Az1 vaccine. Flu like symptoms, shaking, headache, tingling and swollen arm for a week. A week later I had shoulder joint and neck pain. I went to a physio because of the pain. The physio noticed I had spasming deltoid and frozen shoulder. 2 weeks later I woke up to pins and needles and hot and cold sensations in arms and legs starting in feet and moving up. Shaky legs and ankles, internal tremors, feeling of adrenaline surges, irregular blood pressure, joint pain that moved about, very sore thigh muscles, weight loss, difficulty in sleeping and profuse cramping & muscle twitching. At night it was like an electrical storm in all limbs.. Symptoms all got worse after my second Az in June 21, which is when I realised it was linked to the vaccine. I also developed some brain fog and mild swallowing issues. I have never felt so unwell. Sept 21 diagnosed with peripheral nerve hyperexciteability by a neurologist. Symptoms continued for a year. July 22, I had a tummy bug and symptoms progressed. I developed achy feet and then very painful nerve pain that radiated up the legs and sometimes led to physical shaking. I developed very red burning feet, my hair started thinning and my dentist commented that I now have gingivitis which I have never had. I visited a fantastic and empathetic rheumatologist and immunologist who agreed that it was very likely a reaction to my Az. He had seen it before and he called it immune dysregulation. He noted that Az was a very strong vaccine for me and suggested that I not take another. I have only had 2 covid vaccines to this date.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Time helped with the frozen shoulder. It’s hard to know what supplements worked on what as I started taking so much at once! I settled on: Nattokinase, antihistamines, vitamin D, ALA., Quercitin, Ivermectin and I have just ordered PQQ. and I’m feeling much better on the whole. Low dose Amitriptyline really did help with burning feet, neuropathy and sleep. I’m starting LDN soon too for this. Antihistamine helped with internal tremors and adrenaline surges. I had a steroid injection which helped to increase saliva, reduce painful muscles, my hair stopped falling out and reduced my red scalp. Unfortunately these reversed slightly after covid. I’m also starting acupuncture next week.

Which solutions were not helpful?

HBOT didn’t work for me.

What would you like others to know?

I’m making positive progress now after 21 months. With the knowledge and help of REACT19, CVfamilyUK DrBeen on YouTube and FLCCC protocols and most importantly family/friend support. Being believed is one of the most important hurdles.
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