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Nathalie Grivet-Seyve

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I am writing for my 16y/o son who suffers side effects after his Covid vaccine. He was an healthy young boy, born with cerebral palsy. After years of therapies, he was walking without any support, was very active (participate to the Special olympics, practicing water sports ...etc). No medical issues

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

In August 2021, our 16 y/o son received his Covid vaccine (Pfizer).

Right after his 1st shot he started complaining insomnia and fatigue.

After his 2nd dose, he started to feel pain in his legs, then in his arms. The pain got worse after a few days and weakness started.

Then he was unable to walk and in pain 24/24

He describes his pain as extreme sour muscle. (arms from shoulder to wrist, legs from thigh to ankle)

He also had some choking episodes.

Since October 2021 he was hospitalized 4 times (almost 10 weeks in total), had many medical tests (some conclusive, other not).

He spent 5 weeks in rehab.

He had some better days where he was able to stand and walk a little bit (with help) but he quickly has relapse

His level pain was 9 on his worst days, now it is between 4 and 6 depending

He has a lot of difficulties to sleep because of the pain.

His skin and muscles biopsie shows abnormalities.

His LP and cerebral IRM did not show anything

He also had some genetic tests to look at a potential explanation but nothing came back.

Since March 22, our son receives IvIg every 2 weeks. It helps a little (not all the time) but his all life is now impacted : he still can not walk by himself, is in pain 24/24, can not go to school, is exhausted all the time.

We have to assist him for everything.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Ivig (every 2 weeks) Baclofen

Which solutions were not helpful?

Different medications

What would you like others to know?

We would like to have people looking at this case We would like to have doctors studying this case because currently no one is able to give answer> We do IvIg but with no certitude. We also would get some help : our son's life is extremely impacted, ours too. He needs special attention, a lot of help and equipment. We had to reduce of time working We have the feeling that no one wants really suspects the vaccine. All the doctors we saw suspected it but no one wanted to report it.
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