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Pamela Randall

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Clergy. Worked 50-60 hours a week. 6 days (sometimes 7 days) a week.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

1st shot: extremely sore arm, red, swollen, painful for at least a week. 2nd shot: knocked me off my feet. In bed for 24 hours. Felt like I had covid all over again. (Had had covid 4-5 months prior) also had a new symptom ...extremely dizzy. Following that began having one symptom after another which led me to one specialist after another. Each only knew 2 treat symptoms not injury. Ended up at Emory's covid long haulers clinic and basically told I would get better that it was going to take some time. Rather than get better I progressly got worse. 2 years later still suffering. I am working under the care of Dr. Pierre Kory. His team has been fabulous. Just praying they can un-do some of the damage that has been done.



Major depressive disorder

Amnesia and/or short term memory issues

No concentration, often can't spell simple words, say one word while brain thinks I say another.

Parmisia /phantom smells/can't eat certain foods because of smell

Hypersensitive to sounds

Social anxiety disorder



Diabetes have extreme highs and lows

Have to fast during day in order to function

Can go from feeling like brain fog is lifting to a sense of doom and gloom within minutes.

Shortness of breath

Chest pains


Heart rate goes from 70 to115 doing something as simple as wiping a spill off the floor.

Panic attacks with the least amount of stress...or with no stress and no reason at all.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

On treatment plan with FLCCC. Am seeing some improvements. Depression not as severe. Not thinking of ways to end my life all the time as I was before. However, if it can't get better I don't want to stay in this world. I am no benefit to society and I have a better place to go.

Which solutions were not helpful?

No sure .....issues still ongoing

What would you like others to know?

-They are not crazy...nor imagining what is happening to them. -many don't realize what's happened to them has been a reaction to the vaccine -over the past 2 years I have run across people on a regular basis that has gone through a reaction to the vaccine...or know someone who has. It is of epidemic proportion and our government continues to lie and cover it up. --the 2 photos I uploaded are before and after pictures of my self. (Hopefully I uploaded them correctly...I can't tell and not good at tech stuff) --I desperately want my life back. I have had 2 years of hell on earth.
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