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Phyllis Cohen

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a relatively healthy 69 year old female who had asthma and mild COPD. I had excellent blood pressure. I ride an exercise bike vigorously 7 days a week without any problems. I did have an emergency asthma inhaler that I might have needed to use 2 or 3 times a *year*. My only "condition" was high cholesterol for which I was on medication and it was controlled. I should also mention that I have Bipolar Disorder.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

My first vaccine was on 2/13/21 and my 2nd was on 3/15/21. In both instances I had a mild headache for a day and felt fatigued for a couple of days. Day 6 after my 2nd vaccine was the last day I had a normal life. On Day 7 as soon as I sat up in bed I was completely winded to my surprise. I stood up to get out of bed and by the time I was standing I felt so completely winded I felt like I had just completed running a marathon. As the day continued every exertion I made completely winded me. Walking around the house. Chopping vegetables. Using the toilet and wiping myself. And getting back into bed that night winded me.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Today is July 22, 2022. I have been to 2 Primary Care physicians, 2 Pulmonologists, a Cardiologist, an Allergist, and a Neurologist. I have had almost every test imaginable run on me (Allergy testing is pending and scheduled for Aug 1). I've had chest x -rays and Cat Scans of my lungs, both with and without contrast that found nothing. A Pulmonary Function Test found that I had "mild COPD" but I already knew that. I've been test for Covid numerous times and have always come out negative--and I've never had Covid. My Primary Dr discovered that my blood pressure was now in the 150 range and put me on medication to controld it (I used to have excellent blood pressure until the vaccines). She also discovered I was at 88% oxygen during a 6 minute walk test and got me home oxygen to use. I've had an Echocardiogram that showed heart valve changes consistent with my age. I've had a Stress Test that was normal. My EKG was normal. My Cardiologist told me that my heart *was not inflamed*. I eventually went for my Sleep Study and the results showed that I do not have Sleep Apnea, but they found that for 40% of the time I was asleep I was registering an 88% oxygen level. I was advised to use my oxygen at night when I went to bed. I've had blood tests for everything, including blood clots in my lungs. Only this month did I have one that indicated that I am currently having a severe allergic reaction to something, but no indication of what it is. Upon discovering that, my Pulmonologist who gave me that test gave me a test using a device that had to blow into and keep the gauge in a green zone the entire time (it was not a Sprirometry test for COPD but something that measured inflamation). That particular test produced interesting results. Apparently people with Asthma come in with a range between 25-50 on that test. I came in with 190. My Dr told me that this indicated that my lungs are severely inflamed. Several of my doctors gave me inhalers to help me breathe including Anoro, Arnuity Elipta, and Breo. When I used all of them I felt like I was on speed within an hour and had to discontinue it. One Dr gave me Alvesco 80 and I took a full dose of it everyday for a month and it did not cause a bad reaction, but it also didn't help me breathe any better so I discontinued it. The Dr who found my lungs to be severely inflamed gave me a new inhaler, Pulmicort, a medication that was missing 1 ingredient that all the other ones I took that made me feel like I was on speed. He was instructed to work my way into using it by taking 1 puff a day for a week, 2 puffs a day for the 2nd week, and 4 puffs a day for the 3rd week. I followed these instructions and after using it for 5 days. After those 5 days I was miserable and realized it had kicked me into a Mania and I couldn't bear to take it any longer. When I told my Dr about my reaction he told me that was not possible as I only had trace amounts in my system. He encouraged me to wait a week and try it again. He told me that my lungs were so severely inflamed that if I didn't take medication I would eventually lose lung function. I was too emotionally messed up to make that decision at that point. However, 4 hours went by, and even though I hadn't taken another dose of this new medicine, I was beginning to feel like I was on speed just like all the other ones had done to me. So the so-called "missing" ingredient wasn't doing the trick for me and I decided not to try it again. I sent a message to that Dr and told him of my decision and that I was looking forward to my allergy testing and I would make sure he got the results. I have had 1 successful diagnosis this entire time. After I began to feel off balance and stumbled a lot starting in January of 2022, my Primary Dr referred me to a Neurologist. He was the first Dr to admit that he had patients who had difficulties after having a covid vaccine. He had me take a Tilt Table Test and get a brain MRI. I passed the Tilt Table Test, but the Brain MRI showed that I had something called Small Vessel Diseaase (SVD). He told me that it is usally caused by a mini-stroke, or he thought in my case it was caused by high blood pressure. The way that SVD manifests itself is with problems with balance and walking, just as I was experiencing. Unfortunately, he has no treatment for it but has me taking a Baby Aspirin, 81mg a day, to keep it from getting worse. So in summary, only the blood pressure medication my Primary Dr gave me has helped to conrtol my blood pressure and the oxygen she ordered has helped me to breathe in enough oxygen, and I do sleep better with it.

Which solutions were not helpful?

All of the new style inhalers such as Anoro, Arnuity Elipta, Breo, and Pulmicort. No other solutions are available as far as I can tell right now.

What would you like others to know?

Someone had sent me an article from some well recognized medical journal that had the results of a test that showed that 1% of people who had the Moderna vaccine had a changed gait. I wanted to re-read that article and started doing a search on the web using "1% Moderna changed gait" as my search criteria and inadvertantly found a database by the CDC that they don't seem to want the public to find. It's a complete database they made of all adverse reactions to the 3 vaccines given in the USA, Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. It's broken down by Reaction, Gender and Age. I was able to look up my very own report to them. It only goes through August of 2021 but is worth a peek! They list 10s of thousands of adverse reactions. Find it at this link:
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