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Sarah Kesselman

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Before the booster, I was successfully recovering on year 2 of a 5-year plan of antivirals after being mostly bedbound with CFIDS/ MECFS since 2009. I was being treated for reactivated HHV6, CMV & EBV. I was well enough to join an outdoor gym in Dec 2020 & in a year worked up to 15 miles 2x wk on a recumbent bike. I was doing my own shopping, and was finally on my way to being independent at 53 years old. I had much to hope for even after missing so many years being alone on a bed. I had a J&J vaccine in May 2021 w/ no significant problems. My infectious disease specialist wanted to use a "mix & match approach" & get a Pfizer booster, so I did on Dec 18,2021.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Most short term side effects lasted about 2 weeks until early January 2022. Chronic pain in legs worsened. I tried to ride the bike again & made it 5 mi. then the next week, 1 mi. So I quit gym & rested. Ran out of breath even sitting down sifting cat box. Completely dependant on delivered groceries. Still can't stand for more than a few minutes. HHV-6 EMV CMV levels are 3x higher than when I was at my most ill with MECFS. I had strange outbursts, still can't think clearly, but then I couldn't do simple math. Usually could not drive (cognitive) shower or dress and was fearful to tell my doctor. Couldn't care for pet or self. Still on bed with debilitating fatigue. Also new urinary problems, from week 1 after booset. Loss of appetite, greyish pallor and finally lack of emotion good or bad, feelings are muted. No p wave seen in doctors office. Heart thumps & skips if upset. No multitasking thinking. As of this month I can cook eggs & clean up, but miss most appointments due to dysautonomia. Menstrual cramps (10 year post menopause) Body is ruined but worse I don't understand much of what I read.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Returned to the doctor. Added valtrex to existing Valcyte Doxycycline (slightly helping) Morphine Beta blockers PRN NuVigil PRN Desoxyn Caffeine + acetaminophen Ambien

Which solutions were not helpful?

Supplements Meditation I don't understand the next question. Very sorry.

What would you like others to know?

I want people to know this vaccine in this brand reactivated viruses, made them worse than they ever had been, and have rendered me almost completely useless to myself and my elderly father. I was tested within the proper time frame for covid at home and in the lab with nucleo capsid testing and was negative. I've never had covid. I do not have long covid. I don't know how many years it will take to get back to where I was. I'm used to the isolation & pain but the lost hope for recovery from MECFS is with me always. I live alone and have poor access to the most helpful medications. I don't care about apologies or money I just would like a chance to be a working useful person. Thank you.
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