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Shawn Spitler

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I worked for almost 18 years full time at a local hospital in town ( McLaren greater Lansing) . I have been the sole parent and financial parent to my two kids. I used to enjoy simple things like having card night with close friends or family or going bowling with my kids. I was hopeful of returning back to school to finally get my RN license eventually. I have lost everything I knew.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

The day after I got my first dose I started feeling bad and having a bit of asthma problem but I thought it wAs seasonal allergies acting up. Two days later I was put on antibiotics for pneumonia ( which I did not have ) I was hospitalized the next day for four day with acute respiratory failure and collapsed lower lobe. Doctors were adamant that it was not the vaccine . One doctor actually charted that I had post Covid issues when I

Have never tested positive for covid. The found my allergic reaction through blood work that the pulmonary doctor ordered. I went back to work for two weeks in November until all of a sudden both of my eyes started to develop sub conjunctivitiil hematomas and I developed an autoimmune issue and connective tissue issue. Rheumatology has put me on hydroxychloroquin. Then I developed right side hemiplegia and still struggle with that and I became incontinent of both urine and stool . The pain in my bones and muscles have been awful and my mobility became none hardly. I am now on gabupentin and zanaflex to help with nerve pain and muscles pain and stiffness. My joints lock on me and can only sit for maybe twenty minutes and even just standing and walking to the bathroom makes me severely fatigue. My vision in my right eye get blurry at times during the day. I have gained 80lbs from lack of mobility and steroids . I have tremors that come and go and I have had bouts of confusion and severe brain fog especially as I get more fatigued. I developed cardiomyopathy but was just cleared from cardiology. I did 8 weeks of physical therapy with little improvement on my rt side. We think I might have had one seizure.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I think the hydroxychloroquin helps a tiny bit bc I can tell by my vision, pain and stiffness when it is due. The gabupentin helps but I can still feel tingles in different spots at different times. The zanaflex puts me to sleep. I also take Zoloft, kolonipin and my asthma medicine, steroids

Which solutions were not helpful?

Motrin, tylenol, celebrex, mobic, cymbalta ( they thought it was just fibromyalgia at first) Tylenol arthritis, soma, osteopathic doctor, physical therapy

What would you like others to know?

That these reactions do exist. That we are not alone out there . We are not disposable people like we have been treated by the world and some healthcare professionals and this is very very real.
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