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Shir Hacham

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My mother, Haya Hacham, was 67 years old at the time of her Covid-19 vaccination. On Jan 2021, she had her second dose. She didn't have any underlying illnesses or health issues. She regularly took anti-anxiety meds, Viapax. She successfully went through total hip replacement surgery on 2017, and at the time of her vaccination, was supposed to replace her second (right) hip joint. Since October 2021, till around her vaccination, she was prescribed blood thinners called Clexane, to treat a historic non-blocking small venous (ultra sound detected) blood clot in her right lower leg, as a preparation for her hip joint surgery. Clexane wasn't effective. Her family doctor took her off Clexane after three months, around the time of her second dose vaccination. She lived with my father in their home in Reut, Israel. She had a vibrant, critical-oriented personality, she was socially active and ethically demanding the good in others. She was a stellar mother and my intimate companion and teacher.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Two weeks after her second dose Covid-19 vaccination, my mother began to experience excruciating back pain in her lower back, which made her non-mobile. She said that pain couldn't be compared to the steoarthritis orthopedic pain. It was very different.

Her pain was ongoing, didn't calm down for a moment. It wasn't caused by her hip joint arthritis, which then was present only in her right hip joint. It disrupted her sleep, her ability to go to the bathroom and shower. Finally she didn't do all of those things, she used dipers. She stopped moving. The pain was so severe, she called an ambulance twice, on Feb 10 and Feb 14, 2021, in the middle of the night. She was discharged from the ER those same days. Blood test performed showed a high CRP result, which indicated an inflammation. She didn't have any pain peeing or pain in her kidneys or internal abdomen. Kidney ultrasound performed negated kidney stones. Her family doctor for 20 years, was buffled, shocked by her pleas, couldn't find the cause of her paralysing pain, which lasted consecutive 2-3 weeks. Even opiates didn't help. Niether the antibiotics he perscribed her.

On Feb 17, 2021, she experienced a massive cerebral vascular attack, CVA, an ischemoc stroke in her right brain, caused by large blood clots, completely blocking two main right brain arteries, MCA and ACA, in her right brain hemisphere.

I observed her symptoms immediatley that afternoon. Her conciousness was blurred, she didn't talk properly, she shouted half-words and produced strange voices. Her left side was hemiplegic, the left side of her face was visibly hemiplegic also.

We immediately evacuated her to the ER. They performed invasice radiology procedure in her brain to remove the clots. The radiologist told us that she never witnessed those kind of clots, ever, she said they were "calcified, like stones", and abnormally huge.

My mother remains in a fluctuating state of unconciousness since the stroke, until today.

Three days after that surgery, so much of her right brain mass was necrotic, that she develovped brain edema and swelling. She required an emergency surgery called craniectomy to remove part of her skull, so her brain and brain fluids could swell without causing intra cranial pressure, which could lead to her death.

That surgery that night actually saved her life.

Few weeks after the craniectomy, she developed cerebritis, her brain was inflammed, caused by the surgery. She required another sub-dural debridement surgery to clean infected tissues in her brain, remove remaining bacteria, and remove dead brain tissue.

Since the CVA in Feb 17, 2021, she was hospitalized for A WHOLE YEAR.

Only on Feb 2022, she was dischared to an elderly care home, 68 year old. Before she lived with my father, totally independent (beside the hip joint), social, dynamic.

Since the stroke she is apashic, mostly unconcious, she fluctuates between wakefulness and sleepiness. She doesn't speak, she is hemiplegic in her left side, she doesn't move. She is completely paralysed. She doesn't eat or drink. When awake she is apathetic, doesn't respond to questions, and doesn't seem to recognize any of us.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Only the craniectomy surgery saved her life.

Which solutions were not helpful?

All the rest.

What would you like others to know?

We are currently suing the Israeli government, using an 1984 vaccine injury law, which deals with universal insurance to Israeli citizens for vaccine harms.
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