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Susan Keith

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

perfectly healthy, no health issues, on no medications, walking 3 miles/day/aerobics, great shape for a woman in her 60's.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Day of J&J shot (about 45 min to an hour after), intermittent terrible pain shooting down my arm, thought I was having a heart attack. Chills, flu like symptoms, fatigue. (called and left message with symptoms) Within 24 hours better. Diagnosed with frozen shoulder, got worse with time. About 2 weeks later, weird symptoms, knee pain like razor blades, not sleeping well, off to Sedona for golf vaca. On a hike almost passed out 15 min into hike. Had to sit so dizzy, fatigue, couldn't breathe well. Sat for about 30 min and slowly my husband and I made it back to the car. Tightness in legs like a sausages, trouble walking when golfing a couple of days later, exhausted. Gastro issues. Struggled the whole week, thought I was getting covid29 again?? Home, symptoms got worse, couldn't walk hardly at all, lots of pain in legs, terrible muscle spasms in calves and neck, terrible shooting pain into toes mainly at nite, couldn't sleep. Numb toes on right foot, tingling in fingers, sometimes shooting pains in fingers. Dry mouth, tongue sticking to roof of mouth. Right eye pain with inflammation, looked like a she devel - painful. Went to optomalogist for a year, $$$$ on gels, eye treatments, no help. I found Thera tear facial wash and that's the only thing that has helped. Terrible Joint Pain, Terrible Fatigue, Blood ulcers in roof of mount and on arms (like a hard pea that erupts like a bloody volcano) Could not get up from a sitting position without help for months. Put on weight fast, like 10 pounds in a week.. no matter diet, exercise, etc. kept putting on weight. Got to the point I was crawling at times. PT FOR MONTHS/NO HELP. I started taking a multi collagen supplement that helped, my eye and able to get around better, can get up and down driveway now by myself. I had to stop watching my grandchildren couldn't take care of infant/carry her/toddler helping me get around! Dr. appt. xrays, gastro, primary, found high hiatal hernia, liver stenosis, calcium deposits arteries, lots of nodules in lungs, continued follow-up xrays. out of all the nodules, they are tracking 2 of them. Just recently the smaller one got bigger. In June of 2022, a friend who is a PA felt I had blood vessel disease, My daughter works for podiastrist suggested I had diabetes (I have all the symptoms, but endochronologist won't see me because all my blood work is good) Only red flag since vaccine has been HIGH FERRITIN BLOOD SERUM OVER 500, no diagnosis she suggested semaglutide, so found a clinci for weight loss that gives shots. $325/month. Went for my first shot and within 1 hour could walk normally, no more shooting pain in toes, sausage tightness and leg pain gone, no more muscle spasms, sleeping, no more blood ulcers - I feel more like myself, anxiety gone - I wasn't able to drive much for some reason, unsure of myself/dizzy, etc. I can grocery shop by myself, cooking again - I have my life back. No dr. will listen to me, I cannot get a prescription for the semaglutide because it is for weight loss. I have not lost weight like other people, I did lose like 12 pounds fast, felt llike it was fluid/inflammation weight. Now losing like a pound every two weeks. I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!! Tired of drs. telling me it is old age!!! and rolling their eyes at me. No one has even suggested a supplement/diet, etc. Now this clinic that I pay out of pocket has me on a machine for lymgh drainage, suggested lymp massages, and trying to get a prescriptions somehow for compounded semaglutide with B12 shots. I did not do this to myself - I got the shot so as to not to spread Covid19 to family/friends/public trying to do the right thing. I have never even gotten a flu shot before in my life - against. But I THOUGHT I WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING! Chose J&J because not MRNA. I live an holistic life. Also dr. suggested J&J for my husband because he is allergic to penicillin, has had cancer and open heart surgery. Since shot he has had knee pain and hip pain down leg, hard to sleep. Our marriage due to me not feeling better is back on track too. Back to watching grandchildren, going to playground, kicking ball, lifting the kids.. All due to the semaglutide shots. Had to stay at 1.0 because when they went up to 1.7 I began having shooting pains/eye pain/inflammation/neuropathy again... so I am great at the 1.0 shot level!!!!!!! DO NOT WANT TO GIVE UP BUT BECOMING A HUGE $$ ISSUE ALONG WITH COST OF LIVING. Husband was going to retire but not now due to expenses. We both got the J&J vaccine one week before it was paused due to blood clots. The holistic dr. feel I have micro clots in legs/possible in eye?????

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

lots of epson salt baths helped relax muscles, during the day in the beginning, when pain got worse, the multi-collagen helped me get around a little better. The semiaglutide shots I got for maybe diabetes/blood vessel disease HELPED IMMENSELY!!!! won't give up... I cry when I think I can't get the shots. My Ferritin Blood Serum with shots is now down to 286.

Which solutions were not helpful?

doctors! government with $$$$$$$$ constant drs. appts, xrays, $$$$ supplements, eye presc., Getting the shot recommened by government and doctors!

What would you like others to know?

I still have intermittent shooting pains in fingers/toes/feet, have some moments of fatigue or not sleeping well two nights after shots. Nauseated at times with shots - BUT HAVE MY LIFE BACK. Not one dr. ever wrote down the collagen or how the semaglutide has given me my quality of life back. If drs. don't report it, how is this suppose to help other people. I have tried to get into covid19 research clinics. But since I did not have a positive covid19 test back in March of 2020 they don't want me or they enough people in their program. My daughter who is 30 is not having heart issues/hyperglycemia issues and she had the pfizer shot. My immune system is still compromised, I have had covid19 like 5 times! I catch every cold/flu constantly. I also started taking a supplement with zinc, VC, cucurim, etc. Exercising and walking regularly. Do not need a disability cart when golfing, do not need to lean on a golf club. Do not need to lean on a cart or use a walking stick anymore. Balance better. Cannot go by bloodwork, xrays. You are not crazy these symptoms are real and are from the vaccine! I have organ damage, nerve damage, neuropathy for probably the rest of my life. Still getting on going CT scan for lung nodules. No one connects to vaccine! HOPE, FAITH!
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