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Susan Wyle

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I had Chronic Fatigue, but was improving a lot. I had mild nerve pain from a virus, but it was easily controlled with a bit of hydrocodone. I was gaining strength rapidly , going out to lunch, walking my dog, sleeping well. I could eat anything that I liked and was allergic to no foods at all. Not one.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Three hours after the first jab the pain level in my leg went from a 2 to about a 20. It was excruciating, and a year later It is still very bad. The neuropathy in my feet got much worse over the months, and the nerve pain now requires constant medication but I am in pain most of the time.

The other thing that happened is that I had massive fatigue. I was in bed for a week, and then when I got up

I could not walk far at all, could no longer do stairs, could not take the dog, could not be up for long at all.

Then, over the summer of 2021, I suddenly could not eat normally without massive burning all over my body for many hours. I was tested for MCAS and it was unclear, had one out of 5 tests come back positive but the doc says I have it as I cannot eat anything. I am on a lot of antihistamines but I still get reactions quite often so am eating plant based only. A lot of tingling and burning in limbs.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Time helped the fatigue, and in fact, I think the antihistamines have given me a bit more energy, as has been anecdotally shown that anti histamines can help CFS. The nerve pain remains as bad as ever, maybe worse lately. The MCAS symptoms remain bad, I remain on very limited diet and am on two H1 s and one H2, which helps but causes a lot side effects, bad sleep, etc. Meditation has helped , I do that before I eat and it is really important for mast cell stuff. I am on Hydroyzine and Pepsid and one zyrtec. nothing is helping the tingling and burning .

Which solutions were not helpful?

I could not handle the mast cell stabilizers, they gave me insane nightmares. THe antihistamines control the massive burning only sometimes , not always, and Zyrtec and Singulaire give me nightmares.

What would you like others to know?

I would say NO MANDATE, no vaccines for young children, and adults should know the risks of taking this vaccine. What we should be doing is promoting treatment and prevention, researching nasal sprays that do not use virus, or MRNA. There is one that has done great in Phase 3 trials called ENOVID and it is being sold all over Asia and Israel. We need help from the government, and we need a lot more publicity and articles by major news outlets . People are losing their quality of life and nobody seems to care!
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