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Suzanne Rice

Tagged with: Limb Weakness,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was a very active, healthy, strong, and happy 52 year old. I had no health issues, 136 pounds, and only took multi vitamins. I did not take the influenza vaccine, but once (pressure put on by the VA, where I worked at the time). I feel that I had a great immune system and was not overly concerned that my body could not handle getting a virus. I am a Federal employee and unfortunately succumbed to the (then) Federal mandate to get the COVID-19 shot. Because I waited too long, trying to hold off getting the shot, and hoping for the courts to stop the mandate, I did not have time to become "fully vaccinated" and in fear of getting fired, I got the J&J shot on 10/1/2021. My life has never been the same and I am suffering to this day from injury from this awful shot.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Post Covid-19 shot, I experienced the normal 12-18 hour period of general flu like symptoms. I experienced a severe head ache and the biggest inflammatory response...which gave me a feeling of heaviness that I could not shake for weeks. About 1 to 1.5 weeks went by and I felt that my right was swollen and had its own heart beat...strange sensations in the back of my right leg, leading to more swelling and a build up of pressure. A few days later I could not even walk on my right leg and was dragging my now very painful, pressured, and swollen right leg behind me, trying to walk. Upon visiting my doctor, I was DX with an achilles tendon and or planter fasciitis. This DX was perplexing to me, as I have had several sports injuries in my life and understood what that pain should feel like, beside the fact that I had not had any physical injury during this time period. I asked if it is possible that I had a blood clot? My doctor reacted by asking why I would think that I could have a blood clot. I stated that the only new thing in my life was the fact that I just got the shot...he did a D-dimer and it came back elevated...Ultrasound found a 5 inch blood clot in my right calf. My doctor admitted that "something" happened

to me and later stated that it could not have been anything but the COVID-19 vaccine that caused the DVT. Not

long after this DX, I began noticing leg and arm/hand and head tremors which parlayed into internal body tremors. My doctor thinks that it is Conversion Disorder. I asked for an MRI of my brain and was told that I have to go on Anxiety medication before I can be referred for MRI and Neurology appointment. I said no to med, but then ended up having to take it in order to see a Neurologist. Side effects from med made me sweat profusely, uncontrollable diarrhea and frequent urination. MRI came out "clear" and Neurologist says I have Movement Disorder and it may or may not get better or go away entirely. No follow up appointment needed!

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

DVT symptoms - resolved with a blood thinner. I am told that "if it happens again" I may need to be on a blood thinner for the rest of my life. This is concerning since the first sign of a DVT is usually death. As far as my neurological issues- walking is pretty unbalanced at times...feels like I am drunk at times. Jerky, spastic movements and leg, arm/hands , head, and internal tremors persist. The second course of Anxiety med (switched because of my side effects) change to my "anxiety" or tremors. I have been told to self refer to a therapist for CBT, cognitive behavioral therapy. The issue here is that I have yet to find a provider taking patients in my state.

Which solutions were not helpful?

All of the solutions so far have not been helpful. I feel that I am being treated as if I have a mental issue and that I manifested the body tremors some how because of the negative feelings I had about having to get the shot, the subsequent DVT, and ongoing body tremors that effect my every day life for almost 1 year. Although I am no longer taking any medication, I still have constant diarrhea. I only take Magnesium supplement at this time in order to let my body figure things out and heal on its own. I do have a 2nd opinion appointment with a Neurologist, but have to wait until 12/22 to get in.

What would you like others to know?

I want others to know to always trust their gut and do not allow yourself to be coerced into getting anything done to their bodies that they do not feel comfortable with. I want the medical community to wake up and do their due diligence and dive into the information that is clear to so many others that these "vaccines" are hurting and continue to hurt people. The medical community needs to figure how to help the injured and stop blaming the patient for having "ANXIETY". People tell me to get a new doctor...the problem is that I think they are all holding on to the lie together. My tremors and movements MAKE me look anxious, I do not believe anxiety is the issue.
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