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Terri Jufer

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I was an active 64 year old. I walked up to three miles daily. My heart was in great condition. I had some mild hypertension that was controlled and mild asthma.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Thirty minutes after the jab, I felt dizzy. When my husband got me home I took my blood pressure. I was not feeling well. My pressure was 80/40. Within ten minutes of standing my pressure went up to 195/118. I had no idea any one could be hypertensive and hypotensive at the same time!

I reported these crazy pressures to V safe.

The CDC contacted me and I received a VAERs report.

I believe the spike proteins hang out and cause a lot of inflammation that these so called vax makers want to remain unaware of. I had a cardiologist tell me to get boosted because the benefits outweighed the risks. I told him I was still suffering from the initial jab. If he had been listening he would know that. My heart eval now showed two regurgative valves that were not present in an angiogram that rendered excellent results in 2014. This doc believed, I initially had myo or pericarditis. I walked out and never returned to that doctor. He had not heard one word. The crazy blood pressures and dizziness I suffered from for months or the inflammation going on in so many parts of my body. The gaslighting and unwillingness to talk honestly about a reaction to a vax is appalling! This has been politicized beyond belief. If I had reacted to an antibiotic with hives and asthma that drug would be listed on my chart and never used on me again! How is this different?

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Using some dietary changes and supplements. The blood pressure is still very unpredictable but I'm not getting the deep drops I got at the beginning of this ordeal. Walking helped until I had a sudden onset of osteoarthritis in my hip. I still walk, but some days are very painful.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Doctors who seem afraid to honestly discuss that there ARE reactions to this so called vax. The cardiologist I spoke of above, said my reaction was a coincidence in the face of a VAERs report by the CDC! Seriously? I didn't even know what to say to him. I don't get angry or verbally combative, I just quietly left, resolving to never go back. Finding doctors who will honestly discuss this is very hard!

What would you like others to know?

This has been life altering. My health is not the same. I am so sorry to see all the suffering going on by so many who were injured. Many much younger than me. This is so heartbreaking, knowing what they are facing in the medical community by in large, who are unresponsive, because they are afraid to speak out about many patients who've reacted badly to this poorly developed vax.
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