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A.H. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"I got the Covid mRNA Pfizer vaccine on the Monday of august it was approved by the tea in the United States. I want to say the 19/20 of august. I was in remission with my Sjögren’s syndrome. I had discontinued all meds at that time, and was healthy active 110lbs. No issues.

I got ill about 4 hours post vaccine and the next few days were a blur. I was shaking, and looking like I was having seizures. I couldn’t remember things complete amnesia at times. Loss of coordination. Severe neuropathy. Diarrhea vomiting bile. Toes on right foot turned up. No sensation in feet. My partner being concerned had me see the doctors ASAP.

After seeing doctors and getting labs, I went from no meds to over 16 pills daily. Anti seizure, blood pressure heart rate pills, pills for neuropathy, and the return of my hydroxychloroquin for the Sjögren’s.

Two months later I’m sick off and on every few days. I’m menstruating bimonthly, my neurological, physical, and all symptoms have not subsided. My labs indicate elevated liver enzymes, and low white blood count but all other tests are negative. Including mri, ct scan etc. I’m at a loss. Still diarrhea, daily bile vomit. Occasionally days of bile diarrhea. Still neuropathy in feet, still forgetful. I can’t watch a show and remember.

I hope this gets told so we can get help. I got this for work. I regret it and will not take a second dose.

-A.H. - California


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