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A.L. – Michigan

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"Hi, I saw the conference held with the senator recently and wept as I finally didn't feel so alone. So first off I want to thank you for giving people a place to connect and share their stories.

In the middle January I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, symptoms included a sore left arm and a dull ache in left wrist. About 4 days later I noticed my left subclavicular lymph node was swollen. I thought I'll keep an eye on it for about 4 weeks and if it doesn't go away I will see the doctor. I had my second dose in the beginning of February and about 4 days later I noticed another swollen lymph node next to the first one. I went to see an ENT, who wanted to monitor it. I thought it was most likely an autoimmune reaction to the vaccine but not being a doctor, I didn't want to make any assumptions. So I was monitoring it for the next few weeks. I started to get pain in my left breast and armpit with itching in left armpit. Left breast was swollen. I went to see another doctor. They sent me to get a mammogram and ultrasound. They also took one image of my right breast for comparison. My left breast had several cysts and left axillary lymph node was swollen. Over the next several months and still now I have these signs/symptoms (I've never had these in the past and left out symptoms I've had previously such as dizziness/lightheadedness):

*Shooting pain that comes and goes left collarbone, left jaw, left ear, left elbow, left wrist

*Swollen lymph nodes; 2 in left collarbone, 1 left elbow, 1 armpit

*Sore left calf muscle when using muscle that does not subside and hasn't for months (no history of injury)

*Shortness of breath

*Stitches on left trunk, around rib cage, feels like I went running even though I'm resting

*Easy muscle fatigue

*Thick clotting menstruation

*Hot and cold sensations down my left arm and leg

*Feels like numbness wearing off in my left arm/hand (just started a couple weeks ago)

Occasional heart palpatations

*Nausea that comes and goes

I have had several blood tests, I was diagnosed with reactivated mononucleosis, but my doctor said my symptoms would be gone by now. I'm getting an ultrasound of my left leg next week. I haven't had an MRI. The doctor admitted my symptoms were strange. I don't have insurance and so it all adds up. I started thinking I had an autoimmune disorder, I found myself wishing I did, because then I would have answers. It's scary knowing I put something in my body and then feeling left in the dark, by the medical community. I'm thankful that so far my symptoms aren't worse. My heart broke hearing the stories that were brought forward.

I also wanted to say I'm a 35 year old dental hygienist who wanted to do my part in fighting the pandemic. Other than mild asthma in the spring and anxiety, I don't have any other health conditions and don't take any daily prescribed medications.

I reported my symptoms to VSAFE. Thinking they would want to contact me to discuss my symptoms. I thought I can't be the only one. They will want to collect information to study, but I never did hear from them.

Thank you for listening, let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

-A.L - Michigan"

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