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A.S. – Louisiana

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



My names A from Louisiana and on April 15 I took pyzer 2nd dose. I got it that morning went back to work and through the day my heart was racing my arm was hurting and that night it hurt terrible next day half size. Saturday twitching and facial tingling and just right side of body felt weird. My left side the next morning looked like I had stroke and I was weak and couldn’t sign my name on discharge papers but they said bell palsy’s?? No testing.. just looking at me. So Monday I went into tremors and swallowing food was affected along with paralysis. The moment that I tried to play off like I was normal in front of my kids could no longer be played off normal.. I got sent home with no treatment no medication to help with the convulsions and they asked if I had a wheelchair? Nope.. I was normal. All my testing came back normal. Genetic , spinal. Etc. at this point I just want the medical staff to take this serious and stop making us a joke. If this was anyone else’s body they would want people to take them serious. I have two kids that I’m trying to get back to my normal for but I tried that and it set me back to tremors , walking gait problem and speech issues . Our families deserve to have us back instead of me saying I’m sorry. I have to rest for awhile first…

-A.S. - Louisiana"

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