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A.T. – Alberta

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My name is LC. I am writing for my husband, A T. I am submitting this on behalf of my husband who doesn't have the concentration to do it himself, but he has given me permission to submit it in the hope that somehow, somewhere there is treatment for this vaccine reaction. He feels like his life has been taken from him.

A is 74 years old, very fit and health until he received the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccination on March 18. He worked out regularly and could cycle 75 Kilometers three times a week during the snow-free months. He drove our 40 foot motor home in Canada and in the States and we traveled for several months in the year. Two days after receiving the vaccination, he started to feel light-headed and pressure in his head as well as a severe headache and insomnia. His legs felt heavy and weak and he had no energy to do anything. His feet felt cool, but sweaty and he had muscle twitching in various parts of his body. He also experienced nausea and back pain intermittently. Over the next few months, He lost 13 pounds. He has been to his doctor many times, and to emergency twice. He has had numerous blood tests, urine tests, ultra sounds, CT scans, MRI, Spinal tap and even a biopsy of a mole -- He has seen a neurologist and had muscle testing. No disease or illness or tumor or blood clot has been diagnosed. Our doctor tried to submit his case to our government as a vaccination reaction but it was not accepted as we cannot PROOVE it is a vaccination reaction. He has tried many medications (prednisone, migraine medication, various analgesics, tranquilizers, and antidepressants etc) but nothing has helped. In the last week, we have tried the FLCCC Protocol with Ivermectin, Fluvoxamine and antihistamines etc, but no results to date. It has been 6 months now that he has been so ill, he cannot even go for a walk outside.

-A.T. - Alberta"

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