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B.B. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


B had Covid in September of 2020 and had long haul issues after and has had major neurological and physical health issues ever since. He also took the Moderna Shot on March 1, which had made all the issues worse and now created new neurological and physical ones.

He is unable to teach and coach and has found little to no help from primary doctors and specialists. After many months of hospital visits, seeing every type of specialist, numerous blood works, prescriptions, supplements, integrative health doctors, he has only gotten worse each passing month. After waiting months to see neurologists and cardiologists they gave little to no answers or help. He is now being seen by a neurologist that deals with Covid and Vaccine injury.

B is suffering each day with multiple debilitating symptoms of dizziness and balance issues, brain fog, exercise intolerance, nerve pains, numbness in legs and arms, organ pain, headaches, vision issues, memory loss, insomnia, weakness and atrophy, feeling out of body, internal vibrations, heart rate changes, tremors at night, an more...

B has insurance, however, this recovery procedure done by a top doctor is not covered by insurance so B is reaching out for help covering the costs. This treatment involves a 2 week long stay in Los Angeles and intensive therapies to help recover from the neurological damages caused by the virus. B is also making it his mission to help others nation wide in his same position, as there are many others out there with similar issues from long covid and have vaccine-shot injuries and issues, since he has learned some much about these injuries and recovery therapy protocols

-B.B. - California"

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