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B.F. – Arizona

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



A couple of things I have loved to do have been gardening and online genealogical research.

I recieved the moderna shots as soon as they became available to me.

Soon after I noticed it more difficult to use the mouse for any length of time on the computer at home. I also noticed my attention time on the computer began to become weak.

Then one day I could no longer speak.

My family did not notice except for my oldest son who said I could not talk.

My wife then took me to the hospital in Show Low Arizona.

Testing revealed a series of mini strokes on the left side of brain. Both carotid arteries had reduced blood flow.

Then I was given an echocardiogram of the heart looking for the source of clotting.

The echocardiogram and further testing revealed I had an LV thrombus and blocked arteries on the left side of my heart which suggested a major heart attack.

I was determined to high risk for open heart surgery.

My heart was repaired with stents and a graft. Also blood thinners were given as a solution for the stroke.

My legs and hands feel numb and weak. Aslo have lost my sense of balance.

I am at this time in a rehab facility for physical therapy.

I won't be able to enjoy gardening as I used to.

I still try genealogical research but tire quickly.

Hoping to return home soon.

-B.F. - Arizona"

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