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B.M. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


My husband had the Pfizer vaccine in April of this year.

He started experiencing dramatic fluctuations in his BP, so went to see his doctor. He was diagnosed with AFib. He has never had heart issues before this, and it doesn’t run in either side of his family. He saw a cardiologist who scheduled a whole host of tests. Final result was that he had experienced a heart attack (my husband experienced no symptoms and had no clue he had had a heart attack). Because of AFib, he has had a pacemaker put in his heart, and will eventually need a Watchman put in.

I asked the nurse practitioner if there was any correlation between AFib and the vaccines, and she said they have seen several cases. It seems like someone should have to answer for this.

-B.M. - Florida"

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