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Brenna B

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Normal , no physical or health problems .

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Had my first vaccine (Pfizer) in 2021. That night had massive tingling feeling / like someone poking me with a needle all over my body, head, stomach, arms and legs (to which later a family friend doctor said that’s the feeling you get when you get blood clots/thrombosis) and heating up very much, I had a temperature which then would go to chills and back to sweat. Then came the headaches, tinnitus, blurred vision, photophobia and a feeling that my heart does 3 beats really fast then normal again. All within the week just getting worse and worse.
However, the worse was yet to come when my first period came, I have never felt such pain in my life, my body kept going into shock, a feeling like someone has set fire to my body, I couldn’t keep my eyes open from the photophobia, the headaches went to severe migraines, vomiting, and my hands would shake so much I couldn’t not hold a cup, fork, pen etc still. During my period the blood would come out in congealed balls , the blood was almost black and lots lots of it - never seen anything like it in my entire adult period life. After a few days I tried to call doctors and make an appointment but not a single doctor would see me, I finally made an appointment when I didn’t mention that I had the vaccine when this all started - but at the appointment I of course mentioned that I had the vaccine a few weeks ago and she just said there’s no proof of anything and basically told me to leave even though with tears in my eyes I said I couldn’t go through another month like this and to please give me anything to relieve the symptoms of pain.
A few days after my period ended the severity of my symptoms went , however the shakes in my hands, the photophobia, being breathless and fatigue remained. For the next 8 months about 1 week before each period all these horrific symptoms would come back amd become severe until the end of my period - this was simply torture. Just to survive the pain I would drink antibiotics and heavy painkillers just to try and reduce and survive the pain I was going through, I would be completely incapable of getting out of bed / standing vertically for a minimum or 48h, even getting to the toilet was a struggle. A lot of my hair fell out as well.
2 years later the shakes in my hands, breathlessness, blurred vision is still there. The severity of my period symptoms and pain has lessened but still no where near to what it used to be..

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

Antibiotics and pain killers (short term relief)

What would you like others to know?

Be aware of the damage it doesn’t to the reproductive system for women. I know many women who experienced similar to me and had still births or placental abruptions the night after receiving the vaccine!

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