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C.J. – Texas

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I never got the vaccine but my 93-year-old father got the vaccine in Feb/Mar this year. I can't recall which one but I do believe it was Moderna. My dad has always been healthy. No blood pressure issues, labs are always pretty good for his age. Other than some normal aches and pains he was in great shape. He still works 2 days a week (not that he needs to, he just loves it). Two days ago he ended up in the hospital with shortness of breath, elevated BP (170/100) with chest pains and some fluid in his lungs. Also his legs are swollen. His labs showed elevated d-dimer of 4.0 (typically 0.50 or less is normal. This shows that there's clotting somewhere.) and he was just diagnosed with AFIB. He had other abnormal labs which I don't recall right now. All tests revealed that there is no clotting that they can find. No covid. He's now on blood thinners and BP medication. I'm afraid of what the future will hold for him. From a relatively healthy 93-year-old to someone that all of a sudden now has heart problems, fluid in his lungs and swollen legs. I firmly believe it was the ""vaccine.""

-C.J. - Texas"

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