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C.M. – Ontario

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I kept a journal of my experience so far. Very much in line with a lot of others here. This happened after the first shot, I will not be getting the second shot based on my experience.

My biggest concern now is we are being left behind. Vaccine passports are coming, what will happen to us? I WANT to be protected but the first shot injured me. What next? Here's my journal, vaccinated April 28.

Pfizer vaccine April 28 left deltoid

-April 29 > ears plugged, felt like I was underwater.

May 6 > upper spine/back pain developed suddenly. Some improvement as of May 8 am, however still quite painful at times. Taking Advil for pain.

Overall feeling of brain fog continues.

May 14 > back pain has improved. Brain fog and dizziness comes in waves, seems to have improved some. Left arm below the elbow, one small spot with sporadic burning sensation.

Electric shock type of headache inducing left side, sometimes on right side. Comes and goes.

May 15 > developed pain in my right arm (one spot on right side middle lower arm). Ongoing as of May 16.

Back pain has completely resolved.

Light headedness/dizziness/brain fog continues off and on, usually worse in the morning, improving as the day goes on.

May 18 > all symptoms have been steadily improving. Arm pain pretty much gone. Electric shock headaches that last 2-3 seconds continue off and on. At 20:10 dizziness came back suddenly with brain fog and slight nausea. Took 400mg ibuprofen, feeing a bit better as of 20:36. Mild chest pain/pressure.

May 20/21 > shock headaches continue off and on. Noticed a feeling of disconnect, depressed. Slight dizziness this morning. Ears felt slightly plugged this am as well.

May 22> woke you slightly dizzy, still not feeling well as of 16:26. Ears clogged again.

Weird uneasy feeling, disconnected. Slight tinnitus. Hot flashes/sweating and yawning a lot. Some tingling of fingers on both hands

Anxiety has been bad since vaccine.

May 24> slight burning sensation on upper spine where pain first presented itself. Followed by a hot flash and slight tinnitus.

As of 17:15, mild pain in upper spine, same spot as May 6. Ongoing left wrist pain that comes and goes, for at least 2 weeks.

May 25> off and on dizziness today. Saw doctor. Around 22:00 dizziness came back as well as tingling sensation on both hands and feet.

May 26 > 22:49-left thumb began trembling. Left arm feels week.

June 4 > rough week with intermittent moments of dizziness. Yesterday headache, pain behind right eye. Tingling on hands and feet come and go. Pain in spine has returned, but lower, about a quarter of the way down from my neck. Not severe but noticeable.

June 29 > spine pain once again triggering other neurological symptoms. Tingling/pins and needles on both arms and legs. Calves spasming considerably. Chronic fatigue developed over the last few weeks.

July 3> symptom free for the most part expect for a sore upper spine/neck and chronic fatigue.

July 5> some chest pain today followed by blurry vision.

July 11> bad upper spine pain suddenly today, radiating to the left side of my upper back. This triggered some tingling/ pins and needles throughout my body.

It also brought back the burning spot on my left arm between my wrist and elbow (see May 14) exactly the same spot. The pain is the worst I’ve experienced since May 6. Always exhausted.

July 14> light headed/dizzy once again, overall not feeling well.

July 15> persistent dizziness/light headed. General weakness

July 29> ongoing weakness, neurological symptoms continue to decrease.

-C.M. - Ontario"

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