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C.M. – Ontario

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


28 male no pre existing health issues aside from being 13% below BMI, I had my first Pfizer dose on September 7 2021. After coming home I took a shower and immediately noticed the arm which was injected, the bicep vein (or artery?) is extremely enlarged, pushing out of my arm.

That night I am awoken by a jolt as my heart is pumping extra hard and by the next evening admitted myself to ICU due to tachycardia, pain and shortness of breath (first time going in my entire life). I am told it’s anxiety and after giving blood and EKG, am sent home after 11.5 hours wait.

Call doctor and talk to him on morning of day 6, he tells me I should go back to the ER as my chest pains are progressively getting worse and prescribes me an SSRI. This time I am gaslit by the ER doctor who practically yelled at me this is something my GP Should be dealing with (the same GP who sent me back to that hospital). I go home, furious. Call my doctor by day 10 (he randomly took 3 days off mid-week), and he books me in for a CAT scan which is booking for 2.5 months into the future.

That weekend (day 12) I am having severe pain in my right lower leg and the vein in my left bicep is still poking out just as bad as it was since day one, and decide to drive to the further away hospital where I might get some competent care. ER Doc says “I’m a thin muscular guy and it’s probably always been like that” (my right arm shows no veins at all). sent home again with no answers.

Writing this on day 25 and still haven’t received any answers whatsoever. The chest pains have mostly ceased, and the leg pains are progressively getting less severe however, bruising is occurring in places where no trauma has occurred. Also whenever I wake up from my fever dream sleeps, my back (especially kidneys) are feeling very sore for about 30 mins. The most concerning symptom for me has been the arm vein because although it isn’t majorly painful, I do not understand why it’s popping out of my arm like a pro weightlifter and no adverse reports I read have referred to this at all. Aside from the vein itself there is no swelling and I have been monitoring for numbness and or other thrombosis symptoms. The care I have gotten has been absolutely pathetic, three er trips, three GP phone calls and not one single answer. I would love to hear of anyone else having the vein enlargement and how that went for you. Stay safe out there everyone and trust your instincts. Don’t let people manipulate you into participating in this if you don’t feel comfortable, you are not selfish for it.


-C.M. - Ontario"

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