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C.N. – Missouri

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Previously a 42 year old healthy male running 40 miles a week with no heart issues.

Pfizer Vaccine doses in March 2021.

$6000 dollars in medical bills from tests, ER visit, Doctor visits, Urgent care visits etc.

3 months of constant heart rhythm issues, short of breath, chest tightness, inability to exercise.

Doctors unwilling to associate with the vaccine. Said I'm too young to have serious issues but nothing showed up on tests other than I have developed 1-2 thousand PVCs and PACs a day and was reduced to being barely able to walk over a few months.

Things slowly improving now 5 months later as I suspect the vaccine is finally waning. I will not get another. I can walk now. Still haven’t ran or done real exercise in 5 months. Every time I try my heart flips out with the extra beats and unexplained racing. Doctors finally say that it was likely from the shot as they are now, after the fact, seeing and experience more data on this happening to people both from the shot and Long Covid symptoms. Perfectly healthy people reduced to barely ""living'!

I'm hopeful things will continue to improve as so far doesn't appear I have any permanent damage but I'm not optimistic.

-C.N. - Missouri


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