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C.O. – Wisconsin

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


1st Moderna shot Feb 3. That evening I had all of the 'regular' symptoms, body aches, head aches, slight temperature. Lasted through the weekend. But on Monday Feb 8 I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Everything hurt, hurt to breath, heart raced, no energy to do anything, temp of 102, both cold and hot flashes at the same time. this lasted for 3 weeks. Finally saw doctor and Misdiagnosed at ER as pneumonia and not vaccine related, I told them that was incorrect. 4 days later was back at ER, CT scan showed fluid around my heart and both lungs. Was hospitalized, finger saturated O2 level was 85%. All immune lab work was dangerously high. Had 400mls fluid removed from around my lung. I have autoimmune issues (thyroid, etc) but nothing that has been life changing or life threatening. I was told to not get the 2nd Moderna shot. Docs also won't tell me if I should ever get any vaccine for anything, again, because of these reactions. I was sick in bed for about 3 months total. Feeling better now, but still have no stamina compared to pre vaccine. I will not be getting a booster, any booster.

-C.O. - Wisconsin"

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