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C.R. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

"My name is CR i live in sacramento I am 45 my wife and I have 10 adult children and 6 grandchildren they are my complete joy in life I have had a very successful career in the hvac/energy solutions industry we own 2 homes 2 boats I loved fishing and taking my family out on the pontoon boat to swim in our favorite lake in Northern California on June 8th 2021 I had gotten my first maderna vaccine 4 days later my wife and I where on vacation in lake Orville we had just walked about a mile through an animal sanctuary we went back to our room and I all of a sudden started having heart palpitations that wouldn’t ease up and I felt “ heavy” like I was going to just fall forward like dead weight my wife called an ambulance the Orville hospital admitted me for 2 days my blood pressure was extremely high after 2 days they told me to fallow up with my doctor at home and they believed I possibly had a thymus issue I have 2 sisters that have a genetic condition called myasthenia Gravis that can sometimes be related to the thymus from childhood I just thaught mabey I have it too that mine just came about at an older age well during that same time my wife and I where moving to San Diego to live in a beach house while I worked for a close friend of mine it was our dream after raising 10 children to just hang out on the beach as we moved I noticed my body getting weaker and weaker I felt like my arms and legs where dragging bowling balls I felt like I was struggling to breathe at times I went to UCSD and they ran every test you could think of for myasthenia gravis because I couldn’t barely walk and my back muscles made me hutch over and everything came out normal even a DNA tests

By end of July I had to quit my job I could no longer hold onto a steering wheel of my car my face and legs felt numb my arms felt so weak i was scared to hold a glass of water I had made probably 4 trips to the ER worried that I would stop breathing because my body felt so heavy every time I mentioned the vaccine the drs would tell me things like “ there has NEVER been anyone sick like this from maderna “ the neurologist told me I probably had sleep apnea and asthma..which I never ever had before the shot even after walking and swimming for hours but I tried to have faith in the dr so I went to a lung specialist a sleep specialist and everything was normal then September 20th I started to feel somewhat normal actually I felt good again and because I had just lost a friend to covid and I messaged my dr and asked if I should get the 2nd shot he told me that I should again 4 days after that shot I felt super weak again and this time I had a very strong feeling of tingling in my legs and arms my feeet so bad at times also felt like I was being stuck with a needle or Biggs bitting me my legs stopped working agian my back started to burn so bad I went to the Er and they did 4 different MRI with and without contrast ..again every thing was normal and this time the team of neurologist come into the room and told me that they believed all of this was from anxiety or stress I am so disappointed

That was my last visit to the ER a week ago I can’t tell you how many times Iv cried how many times I’ve thaught idk if I’m going to live through this I’ve had conversations with my loved ones to make sure they remember how much I love the them …just in case?….. how many times Iv thaught I’d rather die then live like this how many times I’ve sworn up and down and begged the drs to believe me that I was a normal successful person before that vaccine I deal with the pain every day the weakness idk if it’s going to get worse idk if I’ll get better but my life has turned into a living nightmare!!

I can only hope this group and whom ever reads these stories go on to make sure they are heard I definitely feel like I am collateral damage and even that I’m not so angry about if it means saving millions of lives it’s that not being heard or believed means there’s no hope for treatment not just for me and my families but for possibly thousands more after because nobody is trying to figure out how to help us …..the science/doctors pushed us all to believe in the vaccine but when things go wrong are telling us we are crazy and looking the other way

-C.R. - California"

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