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C.R. – Michigan

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I was a healthy active 51 year old female prior to my 1st Pfizer vaccine on Apr 12. Initially other than a sore arm I was fine for a week. Then I started to experience excruciating electrical shocks in my left foot that would come without warning on a daily basis.

I never thought at the time that it was the vaccine even though I had not injured myself or had any previous injuries in my foot so three weeks later I had my 2nd jab on May 3rd and then my whole body felt like it was on fire internally.

I experienced severe twitching, electrical shocks, myoclonic jerks in my limbs, tinnitus, cramping sensations in both lower legs. Painful hip and lower back pain. These episodes were much worse at night.

After 2 ER visits, neurologist, EMG testing, extensive labs, 2 rounds of steroids, Xrays, ultrasound, orthopedic evaluation, 2 medical office visits and 2 teledoc appts all testing results came out negative for any findings. No inflammatory markers.

After reluctantly refusing to take Gabapentin during my 1st month and half of symptoms I decided to start taking it at night. That helped for only 2 weeks then I had to up my dose and start taking it during the day as well. I also supplement with CBD/THC tincture at night.

I'm 3 months post 2nd jab and still unable to be active as that seems to exacerbate my symptoms and my issues start up again. I'm hoping and praying that all of this for ALL OF US will improve and that we are able to get our bodies and lives back to pre-vaccine status.

I find comfort in knowing that I'm not alone in this battle and so thankful for all of you who took the time to share and post your stories. My heart goes out to every one of you, stay strong and positive!

-C.R. - Michigan"

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