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C.R. – Texas

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


In March 2021, I received my 2nd moderna shot. I had some swelling in my face. A few days later, I began to develop a terrible reddish purple rash on my legs and feet. Went to my Doctors who did not seem overly concerned. I continued to work 8-14 hours a day and the rash became unbelievable. Finally, I ended up in the Presbyterian Emergency Room. Then was checked into the hospital. I was seen and tested by my internist, neurologist, oncologist, cardiologist and it’s 4 months later and my next appointment is with a rheumatologist. In 4 months I have of yet to get a diagnosis for what this is. I developed neuropathy, nerve damage and drop foot. I wear a leg/ foot brace and walk using a walker. I have been an in house rehab hospital and continue as an outpatient. I can’t drive or work. My days are now comprised of doctors appointments, tests and rehab. I am 71 years old and I am hoping to get back to Health like I had in March several months ago. I will never know for sure. Doctors will not even touch saying something about the vaccine. One doctor asked why is it so important to know exactly what this illness is as long as we’re working on getting you cured. My answer was, “WHY, come on, should I get the Covid 19 booster when the time comes? Would you?

C.R. - Texas"

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