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Vaccine Injury of Con Tsafkas

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What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

My life prior to the vaccine was a normal healthy life, I had no issues what so ever.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I decided to get the vax due to the mandates in the building and construction field which was later than the mandate date as I had much doubt about getting it, but due to the pressures with mandates from government, family and friends also pushing, I decided to get it as I did not want to lose my job.

On the day of receiving it, I was fine for the first half hour, however I experienced, pulsating heart, struggling to swallow, chills and sweats. The following two days I felt somewhat normal, when I went back to work on the Monday, I was feeling alittle off. One of my contractors on the day mentioned that I did not look well, so I thought I would go to the local Coles to get a bottle of water and have a breather. I parked the car and started to walk to Coles, in an instance I felt a sudden chest burn and pain which stopped me in my tracks, I sat down for alittle bit thinking what is going on. I then started walking to the front entrance of Coles (back in those days there was someone helping people to sign in), I suddenly collapsed and with minimal breath I told the guy please call for help I am struggling to breath.

The ambulance turned up and took me to hospital, I was xrayed and bloods were taken, ecg and swobs were taken if I had covid. The doctors said I am all good, nothing to worry about, even though I explained the situation from the day of the vax.

I followed up with my local GP, he recommended we get further tests done such as echo cardigram and bloods, everything came back normal and was told that I really should get the second shot, to which I did not.

This year in February, I landed in hospital again with breathing issues, they did the full suite of tests such as ecg, bloods, ct scans, mri, xray, pee test, I felt like a lab rat. Everything came back normal and they just written it off as stress. I went back to another GP I found due to losing faith on my original one, he recommended that I would need to go do breathing tests, sleep test, heart monitor. I did all that and everything came back normal. After that, I was told I should get cameras done on both sides, did that and everything came back normal. My gp noticed that they tested if I had Pericarditis but they never tested for Myocarditis which I am working on to get tested.

Since the jab, I have breathing issues, struggling to swallow, my hands and feet tingle, my back tingles, back of my head and ears go numb. I cannot work full time anymore which is ironic as we were pressured to get it as part of the mandates to work, be able to go out to restaurants and travel, I ended up leaving my full-time job in March this year after the February incident.

The issues are a daily occurrence, the stress or anxiety that the doctors are writing it off as is just plain wrong, I have never suffered these issues until the day of the vax, since that day my life as I knew it, is now just a distant memory.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Doctors writing this off as stress or anxiety.

What would you like others to know?

I would like to share my experience, I am booked in for an MRI to check if I have Myocarditis and then after that to check if there is any nerve damage.

It feels like the people that pushed it including the medical field have just turned their backs to it and will blame everything but the vaccine. I am not anti vax nor pro vax, I was pressured into something which my gut feeling told me not to do it and now living with an injury which I do not know if I will ever get better or not.

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