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D.A. – New Jersey

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I am a fit, healthy and active 41-yr-old woman. I push through and don't let obstacles stop me, but this has really taken me by surprise and has affected me. I am a healthy eater and daily exerciser. After the 1st dose, I began to have muscle and joint pain that felt like I had done HIIT training all day long. Everything just hurt. But, I wasn't tired, didn't have a headache, or any of the other common symptoms. As days went by, the joint pain has mostly gone away, but the muscle pain has continued and has not gone away. In addition to that, I also have pins and needles. Interestingly, the muscle pain is constant and is mostly in my legs and calf muscles, not my upper body. My legs and calves, in particular, get a cramping feeling. For instance, my calf muscles cramp, as if I've been standing on my tippy toes all day. My hamstrings feel incredibly tight and uncomfortable, but it's not from exercise. At times, I feel what feels like a charley horse coming on, but one that never actually happens. I can't do hamstring stretches that I could do with ease prior to the vaccine. The pins/needles/falling asleep feeling is occurring almost daily in my hands, feet, and sometimes my forearms. Yes, I can walk and ""function"", but I am not functioning as I was prior to the vaccine, which makes me so angry and sad. I am back to my regular workouts, but it is not without the pain and soreness. My legs start to feel heavy and sluggish. I can't exert myself with the same level of intensity that I used to and I now have to deal with this discomfort daily.

-D.A. - New Jersey"

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