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D.B. – Oklahoma

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


I had taken 2 members of my family to get vaccinations and they had extra so I did a quick decision to have mine done as well.

I felt fine and had not been ill for a very long time.

Within 5 minutes my left eye began to feel pressure, then quickly to an odd feeling on the left frontal lobe moving towards the back of my head. My vision began blurring and then I began feeling an intense head ache on the left side. My left arm, which the vaccine was administered began to feel odd then moved down my arm. I began to ask the administrating person if these signs were normal and I had difficulty talking then swallowing and thinking.

My symptoms began to worsen so I was told to go to ER. I was driven to the ER by the time I got there I was feeling the above mentioned symptoms pretty intensely 45 minutes later.

I was first looked at and told maybe a stroke or Complex Migrain. I went through testing for several things. The Rx they gave me IV seemed to have eased and released all my symptoms within a short time.

I was told it was NOT related to the vaccine with a final diagnosis of an onset Complex Migraine. I have not had symptoms like that since nor before.

-D.B. - Oklahoma"

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