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D.D. – California

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Entry Date: 6/29/21

I’m a respiratory therapist. I received the vaccine first in December and then my second one January 10. After the second shot I ended up with a fever, cough and horrible headaches. The cough and fevers stopped after seven days but I have yet to have a single day without a headache and we are now approaching the 1st of July. I was dealing with brain fog in the beginning but as of May started getting tremors in my hand, In June I started speaking with a stutter as well as having issues with balance and dizziness. I have yet to have I menstrual cycle since December. I’ve been to the ER where they want to diagnosed me with migraines and give me pain meds which nothing has worked. Finally after having tests done showing that I have diffuse brain dysfunction and inflammation in my brain. The hard part is finding doctors that will make a correlation between the two. Nobody wants to blame the vaccine. I’ve never had a headache prior to all of this. I don’t have any other medical history. And now I’m a guinea pig until they figure out how to fix me.

D.D. - California"

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