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D.D. – New Jersey

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



I had psoriasis on my elbows for years. Nevef had any issues other than that.

On June 20 I received the j&j vaccine.

On July 1. Exactly 3 weeks to the day. I woke up with all kinds of flare ups & psoriasis sores on both arms. Both legs, either psoriasis or exema on the entire top of both hands. And severe scalp psoriasis.

I looked up reactions of the vaccines with people with psoriasis, and the sites all said that Pfizer & moderna recipients had intense flare ups at about the 2 week mark, while j ,& j recipients had it up to around the 3 week mark. The sites also said that the cases cleared up in about a month.

Well, it August 1, one month, and all but 2 of the original al sores are still there.

There have also been breakouts every couple days.

The earliest I can get to dermatologist is the end of this month. I probably shouldn't have waited, but I wax hoping it would have cleared up like they said.

Been using my meds ,& shampoo, but its not getting better, and I really don't know how long this will keep happening.

Something in the vaccine kick started whatever sets off the psoriasis.

I work in retail & I've had to wear long sleeve shirts, I dont wear shorts when I go out even though its summer. It is very unsettling. It does not look nice when its shedding/scaling and the psoriasis shampoo says to use 2-3 time z week, but I use if almost every day because the scalp is so bad. I am really st my wits end!

I have pictures from the first day up to tonight and it is not better.

I did report it to the vaers site. But nothing came of it. I'm hoping my dr will send something in.

According to the sites I read, this reaction happens in few cases, but anyone with skin conditions should be made aware of it. And also, if someone had a flare up at 3 weeks, they might not have connected it to the vaccine.

Anyway, that's my story

Thank you.

-D.D. - New Jersey"

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