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D.D. – Tennessee

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Just 9 days prior to the vaccine I was married in a beautiful wedding after being widowed for many years. I was a very active healthy 50 yr old. One of those people that others would say dang I hope I have your energy when I’m your age. We hiked for our honeymoon in NC. I look back on those wedding photos and can’t hardly remember who she was, because the vax changed everything.

Had the JJ vaccine April 12, within hours I had a nerve in my right eye that would not quit (video). For several days had severe pain in my arm and severe flu symptoms with fever, bloody rash on arms developed the following week. Wouldn’t itch, would just bleed constantly. The eye twitch continued, and I started to experience full body pain, some tingling that travelled and coordination issues (dropping and tripping). I went to see my endocrinologist on April 26, explained my symptoms because I thought they may be thyroid related. Blood: High WBC High MCV Low MPV Low vitamin d so he put me on a daily regimen of D to bring my levels up. The eye twitch continued constant for about a month, deep pain and sensitivity to touch continued. (Video) on June 17th an ambulance took me to Magnolia Regional for symptoms of heart attack. Severe chest pains that wrapped around to my back, shortness of breath. Referred to cardiologist. Saw him the 23rd, ordered stress test and echocardiogram ultrasound. Everything came back good the chest pain lasted for 11 days straight, could not lay down lean forward or side to side, breathing was painful and difficult constant dry cough.

Intermittent headaches, lost feeling in the entire left side of my head on July 8th, so much so I could pull my hair the hardest I could and not feel it, hit myself and not feel it this only lasted minutes. Body pain continues. Mostly all touch from mid abdomen down to feet hurts especially thighs and calves. Occasional sharp burning sensation on tips of toes.

July 15th a nerve in my right hand has started pulsing, hand feels very weak. (video)

July 15th Pain in fingertips like burning very local to fingertips just on the ends when I place my fingers in water, left hand only and only when I place my hand in water.

Tingling sensations from bottom of rib cage to hip on left side only.

July 21st saw Endo, at office 90/50 bp with symptoms (drowsiness, blurred vision, fatigue and a disconnected confused feeling, did not feel present) July 21. Severe chest Pain begins that evening in heart again Cardiologist orders more tests (pain continued until 8/3) primary Dr runs more labs on 7/22 to check for blood clotting issues related to vaccine, results Neg, went for CT scan/contrast normal results on 8/2, met with cardiologist 8/2 diagnosed with incessant Pericarditis (lasted 13 days of intense pain could not lay down lean forward or side to side when this happens) started on Cholchicine, pain in chest has become manageable with only dull aching pain, did have the signature stabbing pain 8/8 at 8pm. Did lose voice and voice change/ throat sensation for the duration of each episode with dry cough.

Heart Pain continues on and off saw cardiologist 8/17 about pain breaking through the meds, says to continue treatment and document.

8/18 rash began on legs and midsection, deep body pain and fatigue. Pustules kn feet and hands.

Brain fog and severe memory issues began around 8/10 and continue. Speech issues now.

Brain MRI and more labs performed 8/30

Spike protein antibody test taken on 8/30, results show only .82 (.80 and below is considered negative for vaccine induced spike protein antibodies) very low antibody response right now

8/31 developed multiple pustular lumps in left eye lower lid. (Pic)

Debilitating fatigue 9/2

9/8 Neurologist gives me Emgality injection to continue monthly. Normal MRI results. VAERS report filed.

9/10 deep muscle pain, legs give out on occasion when I stand up or walk.

9/11 puss filled blisters/pustules on palms of hands and arches of feet palmar plantar psoriasis . (Pics) Deep body and joint pain continues. No relief with over the counter meds anymore. No appetite. Lost 7 lbs.

8/13 severe vertigo and nausea, cannot stand/walk when this happens. PCP orders more labs, steroids, pain med, antihistamine, anti nausea.

-D.D. - Tennessee"

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