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D.R. – Arizona

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

I'm a 62 year old active man who enjoys bicycling-a lot! In 2015, a developed neuropathy after arthroscopic surgery. At first it was limited to the area of operation, but gradually spread to both lower limbs. I went through expensive euro work-ups with two doctors, nothing. Treatment has consisted of meds, Lyrica and Gabapentin. The disease eventually spread to almost all of my body. Originally, I thought it was due to the operation, or maybe a bad back, but when this spread everywhere, I figured it was more of an auto immune response, possibly complex regional pain syndrome. I had some recovery, stoped drugs, and learned to live with it. I had my first and only Moderna vaccine on March 14, 2021. Everything was fine for a couple days, and then gradually the nerve pain started. It was more intense than anything I had previously experienced. It was in my legs, arms, back, buttocks, face, scalp, even in my mouth. The pain was also different in a bad way. Before, I would describe these episodes as burning, pins and needles, ants biting. But this pain felt like someone was prodding me with live electrical wire. At night, I would have spasms in my legs. My doctor prescribed duloxatene to help with the pain. Never took it. This went on for at least 6 weeks, but thankfully, started to subside. Today, I suffer only the baseline nerve pain from before the injection, but I strongly believe the first injection triggered this pain. So much so, I did not return for the second does. An I will not. I'm absolutely more concerned about the negative health affects from the vaccine than I am from the disease.I will wait until some other option than mRNA vaccines are available.

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