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D.S. – Illinois

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


In June of this year I received The second Pfizer vaccine. I began having symptoms such a severe exhaustion, dizziness, headaches, and numbness and tingling. Unfortunately, I am a nurse of 26 years who has had multiple sclerosis since 2004. Since these symptoms seemed to mimic my multiple sclerosis symptoms, I figured the vaccine triggered them. In April and then July my practitioner performed dark field microscopy, as he has done for me in his office since 2005. Under The microscope, you could see my blood clumping without one single free-floating red blood cell which was a major change from just 3 months prior. It’s called Rouleau. Since this test has been done multiple times since 2005 without any changes, I know that the vaccine caused it. We began supplements, but that didn’t change my blood in two weeks. So I’ve now started baby aspirin every day and an intense nutritional support, plus I need to find a primary care physician who will believe me. My problem is finding practitioners who are not going to think I am anti-vaccine, but will believe what I tell them. We also obtained a phosphatidylserine level on me which came back at 41 which means I am at high risk for thrombus formation. My job has now required all employees to get vaccinated or be terminated. It’s so sad and I know live in fear of throwing a blood clot in my legs, lungs, or brain.

-D.S. - Illinois"

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