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D.Y. – California

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Hello. I cannot believe I finally found a group of people this is happening to as well! I got both Moderna vaccines early on. In Jan and Feb. I am a med surg oncology hospice RN in Santa Rosa. The first vaccine left me with a sore arm and some headaches. When I recieved the second dose I was very dizzy and they kept me for an additional 15 minutes. I was at work so I went back to the floor and finished the hour or so I had left on my shift. That night I felt achy and by morning had a fever so I called out. That day I got progressively more achy and my head was throbbing. I thought this was the normal response but by the second morning after I couldnt walk. My joints were on fire. My partner had to assist me to the bathroom. This went on for the next 3 days. I then started experiencing joint swelling and pain. I took alot of tylenol and ibuprofen. I tried to go back to work the next week but I ended up having to go home for fevers and myalgia. The joint swelling brain fog and massive fatigue set in and continued on. I had to go on leave by April because I used up all my PTO from call outs in March. My dr sent me to an ortho dr for my wrist pain. He said he suspected it was autoimmune. He referred me to rheumatology. This all occured over the course of April. The rheumatology doctor said since I have psoriasis in my family it was likely psoriatic arthritis. He put me on steroids and analgesics. Those did not help for long. I kept emailing my primary about all of my symptoms. I kept feeling like I was having a panic attack when nothing was wrong. My heartrate was elevated almost all of the time between 100 to 145 at rest. My lower legs also have swelling with activity. I have seen many doctors and was taken advantage of by a naturopathic chiropractor who charged me thousands of dollars. I changed my diet to omit sugar carbs dairy and inflammatory substances. I finally made it to a neurologist today. 7 months into this and have yet to see a cardiologist. This doctor today finally fully acknowledged I have an autoimmune condition from the vaccine. He called it long hauler covid 19 Primary after Moderna vaccine. Thank goodness. He wants a brain MRI. I also have to get MRI for my knees because they are very inflammed still and feel crunchy when I walk. I have been feeling at the end of my rope for awhile so its nice to have hope. He was straight with me and said it is likely I will not be able to go back to the way I was but to do good things for myself to not add any extra stress. He said there are no medications to help this yet. Thank you for putting this space together for people like us. I have never been in a place physically like this. Its extremely limiting and the brain fog makes me forget things all the time. I think thats even more frustrating than having trouble walking. I am used to being the person people can call if they cant figure something out. Now I am much more dependant on other people.

-D.Y. - California


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