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Daniel Meinhard

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Active Federal Firefighter of over 25 years. Physically fit, enjoyed hiking, biking, hunting, yard work, woodworking & camping .

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Within a month of shot #2 I began feeling pain in my chest, abdomen & back. I would get rapid heart rates from just changing from squatting to standing. I began sweating profusely over minimal tasks like changing my bed linens or loading my truck for work or recreation. I had developed fatigue after minimal exercise & have rapid heart rates & breathing just from lifting 25 pounds or more. If I was seated, laying down or squatting & getting stuff out of a kitchen cabinet then stood up I would get light headed & sometimes pass out. My skin felt like it was being burned with just the light touch of my clothing from my abdomen to my shoulder. I was told by a LPN it was colitis not the vaccine. This all developed within a month of the second shot. The chest pain became less over 6 months. It took a year to work through some of the symptoms to get them better, but I wasn't feeling right. I still would get dizzy spells & fatigue with exertion at minimal levels. My blood pressure was all over the place too. Covid set me back in April of 2022. I had it hard. I was even more fatigued & loss of energy at work as a firefighter. I started questioning myself and my ability to safely do the job. By June my symptoms were still severe fatigue, sweating, rapid heart rates, & out of breath doing basic daily tasks at times. Sometimes I was fine & other times not. I was sent to the ER in June due to chest pressure & high BP well over 220/160 & 140 beats for pulse. The ER doc found nothing wrong & scolded me for being at the ER. The same thing happened again in September & I left work never to return due to an initial diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension. 184 day later, 2 pulmonary docs & three Cardiologists with the final one saying it was dysautonomia/ POTS in May of 2023. Yes vaccine / covid-19 induced.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

I'm just beginning my treatments.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Getting forced to take the covid vaccine. Filling out the FECA CA-1 COVID-19 claim & being denied coverage under the law because my employer, Selfridge Fire Department/ Michigan National Guard failed to notify employees of the change & requirements of covid illness leave coverage for first responders. I'm still battling with the Department of Labor on a chronic occupational illness claim.

What would you like others to know?

You are not crazy. The vaccine harmed you. Those that won't believe you, just disengage from trying to convince them. Your not alone. The vaccine was not safe. It failed to do what they said, yet millions died from it & billions were made in profits for big pharma. Don't trust the Government.
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