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Dave Stauffer

Tagged with: Head Pain,

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Was in good health. Working full time selling real estate , going to the gym, golfing, hiking and walking daily. X- high school & college football quarterback. No health issues other than a little overweight, although healthy. Love weightlifting. Traveled with my wife and was very active.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

Approximately 2 Days after the first shot, started getting a lot of head pressure that quickly evolved to severe head pain approximately 1 week after the first shot. Severe Head pain continued daily off and on and started frequent trips to the hospital emergency starting Feb 2021.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

After several trips to the hospital I was diagnosed with Giant Cell Arteritis (AKA: Temporal Arteritis) on approximately may 15 , 2021 after a surgical biopsy of the temporal arteries. Doctors immediately put me on 60mg of cortesoid steroids to help the pain , prevent blindness and, prevent an aneurism. About a month later, the Rheumatologist put me on “Actemra” which I’m still taking today and more than likely the rest of my life. The steroids immediately relieved the severe head pain although caused other severe issues.

Which solutions were not helpful?

The steroids relieved the severe pain quickly. Actemra has prevented relapses but has harmful side effects. Just recently have been feeling relapses after stretching out the Actemra shots to the gut to every two weeks instead of every week.

What would you like others to know?

Absolutely yes. I would like to become an advocate leader if possible as life has never been the same. I feel it’s criminal to treat us as collateral damage and have continued to persistently push my Doctors to understand the vaccine did this to me. (2) PHD Doctors have acknowledged that the covid vaccine triggered or caused my condition, an emergency Doctor at Scripps Green Hospital and my Neurologist who originally diagnosed me with GCA. I am passionate about fighting to get congress to act on getting the Covid-19 Vaccine on Vaccine injury list so attorneys can help us get financial relief for the pain and suffering and loss of income from this horrible experience and shortening of our lifespan. According to medical reports on GCA morbidity we have only 1-7 years to live after diagnosis. I am hoping to beat those odds.
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