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Vaccine Injury of Deena Girdner

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

Life was normal. Got vaccine because it was required at work, and to protect my family, mainly my mom and daughter.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

3/31/2021 received call from clinic that they had 1 Johnson and Johnson vaccine and told them I wanted it, and drive straight to clinic to get it.

The following month, I noticed that my legs would become red and inflamed and sore every day around 2:00 pm. I began wearing tennis shoes to work, thinking it was due to wearing high heels, however even with the tennis shoes, my legs from the knee down would become very warm and very red.

The first week of May, I had eyelid surgery, so was off work and resting for 7 days.

The week following my surgery, my legs were really bothering me in the afternoons, due to the heat, and inflammation and tightness in my knees and I was asking coworkers and friends if anyone had red hot legs or if they knew what it could be.

Finally on May 14th I went to Urgent Care, but they said it was due to stress and sent me home.

It was cyclical - I would wake up and legs would be fine, but every single day around 2 pm, I would notice they would get hot and red and my knees would feel very tight.

I never went to my physician while I was having symptoms.

In December 2021, I went for my annual appointment and had blood tests run. They showed that I had arthritis. I went to an arthritis specialist, however since I was no longer having symptoms, I did not do further testing.

So basically the shot just ramped up arthritis in my body.

What would you like others to know?

That the shot seems to activate symptoms of arthritis, but thankfully for me, it only lasted 6 months.

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