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Vaccine Injury of Demetrios Stratos

What was your life like before you received the COVID-19 vaccine?

I'm an ACE certified personal trainer and an active distance cyclist. Weighed 220 pounds at 6'3" and was in the gym doing functional training 5-6 times a week. Very active physically and loved doing projects working with my hands (carpentry, plumbing, automotive, tile and yard work). I had no joint issues or range of motion problems. Very focused on functional physical training (combination of cardio, calisthenics, resistance training).
Healthy eating with limitations on sweets and processed foods was my lifestyle. Not a smoker and only had alcohol periodically and in very limited quantities. Don't take medications and rarely got even a head cold.

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.

5/10/21: I started to get pain in my right shoulder. I had rotator cuff surgery in 2011 and fully recovered to 100% strength and functionality over that same year. This shoulder was where things started to deteriorate.
5/20/21: Joint pain had spread across my shoulders and down to my hands and wrists. I started to experience limited range of motion and the ability to fully close my hands. My right hand (dominant) could partially close, while the left could not close at all.
6/1/21: Joint pain and issues spread to my hips and legs (knees). Stiffness in the hip joints and knees made walking difficult and painful.
6/15/21: exercising became very difficult to manage due to the limitations in my joint functionality. Had to shift to walking at this point and eliminating exercise.
7/1/21: limited to only walking as a means of exercise, and that had to be done at a slow, mindful pace to avoid collapse issues in my ankles. All major joints were in chronic pain or discomfort by this time.
July thru December: Walking is the extent of exercise capabilities, as the wrist, hands, knees, ankles and hips were in constant discomfort, whether sitting or moving around. Lost 55 pounds during this period.
January 2022: began doing countertop pushups during my morning walks. Can't do traditional due to the wrist issues. Also developed lymphedema in my feet, so could only wear sneakers during the day and during client visits.
February 2022: began working with a functional medicine doctor on identifying the underlying cause of my issues since the second shot. Very broad and detailed blood work, stool samples and urine analysis performed during this time. Began natural program under that doctors guidance. Also had to go to a physical therapist that specializes in dealing with edema issues. Within 4 sessions the edema was under control and the swelling had been greatly reduced in both feet.
March 2022: With more comfort in my feet I was able to do more walking and slowly increase the sets of countertop pushups in my daily walks. My weight had bottomed out at 162 pounds.
April 2022: Had to have both knees aspirated due to fluid build up, which was making walking very uncomfortable.
June 2022: went to see an arthritis doctor on the recommendations of my orthopedic specialist. Doctor said I have arthritis and gave me a round of prednisone and then hydroxychloroquine to help manage the issues in the joints.
July 2022: I stopped taking both of these, as they made no difference and they were simple attempts to treat a symptom, not correct the underlying issue. Remained on the whole foods and vitamin supplement protocol throughout this time.
August 2022 to February 2023: continued and increased my walking routine and increased the number of countertop pushup sets each day. Gained back 15 pounds during this period. I also added band and strap resistance work into my routine, as the joint pains were slowly being reduced in the main torso. Still has major issues in the hands/wrists and ankles, as well as one hip.
Feb 2023 to June 2023: Added more band/strap resistance work and added more stretching/flexibility work into the mix. Also added some yoga movements to help with the stabilization and strengthening phase.
June 2023: ran into a declining focus issue with my exercise program because I couldn't provide the needed increase in challenge that my body needed. Started to slide backwards and lost 5 pounds during this period.
July 2023: I joined the local gym as a means of providing more depth to my workouts and challenging my body more. This was the right thing to do, as I quickly noticed the increase in motivation, drive and energy. Began with a focus on joint movement, ROM, and mild resistance exercises.
July 2023 to November 2023: I'm now working out 5-6 days a week for 1.5 hours a session. I do a 35 minute recumbent bike and stretching session before I begin doing any resistance work. I'm now up to 192 pounds and feeling much better. My ROM (range of motion) is very good and I'm now seeing more muscle endurance. Joint issues are limited to my hands/wrists, feet/ankles and one hip, but I'm able to work around those issues each day.

Describe the solutions that helped your symptoms

The vitamin protocol and clean eating have had the greatest impact on my situation. Adding exercise back in where I could helped my body start to fight back better and gave me back my normal resistance to getting sick. This also helped to reduce some of the muscle and joint discomfort because I was giving my body what it was used to for more than 40 years.

Which solutions were not helpful?

Hydroxochoroquine and prednisone did nothing to assist me. Doctors telling me that I had a pre-existing arthritis condition, when in fact I've never had that problem prior to the shots.

What would you like others to know?

Contrary to what our govt officials and mainstream physicians want us to believe, there are natural ways in which to combat this issue, but they aren't easy or inexpensive to pursue. These also require a long view on the recovery process and require commitment and determination to see it through. There is no magic pill or shot that will fix the underlying issues, it requires a detailed understanding of how that individuals body is functioning at the cellular level in order for a proper plan to be designed. It also requires adherence to the plan once it's selected, because change happens slowly when it's done properly.
Never take the quick solution because those only address the symptoms, not the underlying cause of the symptom.

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