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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Although my reaction is less severe than others… it does have potential career implications (as a pilot).

In my life, i have never had a migraine. As part of severe command pressure, i was pushed into getting the vaccine early on (my department head at work had made threatening statements about those not receiving the vaccine and the deputy commander stated he would discriminate against those who dod not get the vaccine).

I received my first shot on 26 February 2021. The next morning i had a splitting headache (unlike anything i had before experienced). Beyond that the symptoms were pretty benign and I didn’t think too much of it. Less than two weeks later as i was walking through town, my vision was distorted significantly to the point where i could barely tell where the road was on the one side and the buildings were on the other. This was followed with another splitting headache. I talked to the optometrist the next day and had my eyes looked at with a retinal scan that showed nothing observably wrong. He stated that my symptoms seemed to be more migraine related than problems with my eyes.

On 26 March 2021, I received my 2nd vaccine shot. Again, i had the same migraine as before albeit slightly lessened. Approximately two weeks later, i had another set of visual distortions but this occurred while driving. I was able to pull off the road but was struggling with maintaining my balance while walking. This was also followed with a cery severe headache (to the point where all i could do is lay down). I again saw the optometrist the next day who again noted nothing wrong with my eyes.

Things seemed to subside for about two months (although i did have more headaches than usual) when once again, while at the bank, i suddenly couldn’t see well and struggled knowing where to sign and acknowledge what i was seeing (mostly everything was blurred). I could still walk this time with minimal issues and the following headache was pretty benign.

Since that time, i have had near daily headaches (none to the level previously mentioned and no visual distortion). The problem for me is that with my profession as a pilot, chronic migraines is a downer and i will lose the ability to work.

Again, as mentioned before, my case is less than a lot of others in here but still should be taken into account. I am the only one I personally know that has had long term symptoms. I do believe people should get vaccinated. I also believe that if cases like mine are hidden, people will continue to distrust the government and the medical community.



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