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E.E. -Washington

Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.



After receiving the J&J jab on May 22, 2021, I had an autoimmune flare. Multiple joint pain, tachycardia, brisk reflexes, myoclonus, stiff muscles that wouldn't relax even while sleeping, twitching/vibrating 24/7, the sensation of electricity coursing right under my skin, hyperarousal and lightheadedness while standing still related to excessive adrenaline levels. It lasted two and a half weeks. The only thing I got from the doc was a beta-blocker prescription this time. Last time this happened, I had narrowed it down using medical textbooks found online to either a glycine receptor antibody or a GAD receptor antibody problem, I reduced symptoms by using the glutamate aspartate reduced diet (cut out gluten, dairy, soy, corn), which increases GABA to compensate for the blocked glycine or GAD receptors. I still have multiple myoclonic jerks and fasciculations every day and probably always will, but I'm not disabled by them. I must remain gluten free or my symptoms return. I'm not a celiac, and lack the gene for it.

-E.E. - Washington"

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