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E.G. – Florida

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


Hello, I want to help get word out. Appreciate your site! 38 year old female. No medical issues. Very active. Had covid with moderate symptoms January 25,2021. Full recovery with no residual effects. Returned to normal activities within 1.5 weeks. Planned to wait for vaccine until end of year, but following full blood panel in July 2021 showing no antibodies, elected to move forward with Phizer on July 17. First two days brought unexplained burning patch on forearm, pins and needles in extremities, muscle twitching full body. Days 2-6 experienced extreme heart racing and irregularity. By two weeks, symptoms lightened, but all still very noticeable. Began wearing N95 everywhere. Scheduled with GP for EKG. Came back normal. Advised to drink only Smart Water for electrolytes and follow up scheduled. He told me NOT to get second vax (not that I would have!!) Week 3. Contracted upper respiratory, sore throat, dry cough, congestion. Short breath. Week 4, dry cough persists and light pressure in chest. Muscle twitching persists. Scheduled for full blood panel again this week.measuring HR every day. Seems to be normal, resting is 60. O2 99. Taking D3, magnesium citrate, zinc, C, B12, quercetin. Have many medical journals citing similar cases to mine. Some even citing direct correlation to mRNA. Happy to share those for any who might want. As I have been sending links to friends and family and sharing story, iPhone/google censored my searches. Downloaded Duck duck go and am free to look up what I want!

-E.G. - Florida"

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