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E.S. – Wisconsin

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Describe the symptoms and the timeline of the reaction.


February 12, 2021 I went for my 1st Moderna shot at Walgreens. I had an immediate severe reaction to the shot, Difficulty breathing, unable to walk, paramedics were called on site. I decided to go home with friends not being admitted to a hospital. During the night I had seizure type episodes with uncontrolled twitches of arms and legs. My situation worsened over the next few days. Brain fog set in, I had to ask a friend to stay with me.

February 17, 21 I went to the Emergency clinic because I felt my heart is not going to handle this much longer. Blood test, Thiroid Tests, X-rays, CT scan were performed my BP was extremely low and I could hardly walk. After 5 hrs in ER I was told I could go home so long as somebody will stay with me and could bring me back to the ER if necessary. I was told things would get better within 2 - 3 days. Unfortunately they did not. I asked my physician to prescribe the MethylPrednisolon 1 Week Pack which did help me once before when I had an adverse reaction to some procedure. This drug helped me get some strength back. After 3 weeks I was able to manage by myself again at home but still had some milder brain fog issues and much difficulty breathing. It did take me a good 6 week until I was able to breath were I felt comfortable to take my dog for a 15 Minute walk. After 7 weeks I returned to my Wateraerobics class and started with a down sized exercise program.

What's most upsetting to me is that I had to file the VAERS Report myself, not the Pharmacist nor any of the ER Personnel or Physicians filed a report. My Medical Records did not show an entry of an adverse reaction, the diagnosis I was given red ""Weakness"" I requested my personal GP to make an appropriate entry in my medical records that I suffered a serious adverse Vaccine Reaction to the Moderna Shot. and when I accessed ""MyChart"" I went into the Allergy section and listed the allergy to this Moderna Vaccine myself. So I wonder how many unreported adverse reactions including death are not reported. I know of 10 such cases myself, people who suffered silent heart attacks, blood cloths etc.

-E.S. - Wisconsin"

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